Radio silence for three months, and now this?
They fucking tortured him to death?
@TheIronHeart we must win if for no other reason than justice for James Fields
@TheIronHeart I know it is far easier for me to because I am old and my life is in its twilight, but if I were in James Fields situation I would have said, “Fuck you feds. Do your worst. I want a trial. “

@TheIronHeart @TheRealist @Remi Disgusting, what that young man has been forced to endure. His trial was a farce, the corrupt cunt defending him acted like avoiding the death penalty was a win.
The worst part for me was that his well-documented history of mental illness was never mentioned as a mitigating factor. Been awhile since I looked this stuff up, but the kid had a HORRIBLE childhood. I believe he was institutionalized three times, and put on serious psychotropics at the age of seven.

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