Roald Dahl’s anti-Semitism was grotesque. I should know – I saw it first hand

When I interviewed him in 1983, Dahl was polite and not unfriendly. But he was a bigot.

@TheIronHeart That fucking collared kike is the one who's "grotesque". He and they all cannot stand any White who doesn't instantly knuckle under, sink to his knees & start blubbering for "forgiveness", which will garner only endless sneering contempt.

@NBForrest @TheIronHeart michael coren..there is name i have no heard in a long time. He was a jew, who converted to Evangelicalism, then Catholicism, then Anglicanism. He was once well regarded in the normiecon tradcath spaces before he became a shitlib.

@AlbinoMutant @TheIronHeart A kike by any other name...

He should hang himself with his stole.

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