Now, the Deep State in the West understands this political situation very well and they have always placed their bets on the Russian oligarchs being able to overthrow Putin and his “siloviki” (military/security people) in the long-run. The formula was simple: support the interests of the big business liberal elite and their media projects to rile the Russian people up and to eventually effect a Maidan-type coup to overthrow the government and install a pro-Western regime.

To reiterate: we now see active measures being taken by Putin’s administration to shut down the Liberal media and to strip the enemy oligarchs of their assets. In practice, this will mean the government taking greater control of key industries and Putin putting his people in charge of them.

@TheIronHeart >many of the big names of Russia’s entertainment industry have fled the country.
We can start with the example of Ivan Urgant, a late-night show entertainer much in the same vein as American entertainers Jimmy Kimmel
>Like many Russian entertainers, Urgant is Jewish and he recently decided to take a surprise trip to Israel as an impromptu holiday.
kikes are fleeing russia.
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