The Central African Republic (CAR) has approved Bitcoin as legal tender - just the second country to do so.

CAR is one of the world's poorest countries, but is rich in diamonds, gold and uranium.

It has been wracked by conflict for decades and is a close Russian ally, with mercenaries from the Wagner Group helping fight rebel forces.

In 2019, just 4% of people in CAR had access to the internet, according to the WorldData website. The internet is needed to use any cryptocurrency.

The country currently uses the French-backed CFA franc as its currency, along with most other former French colonies in Africa.

Some see the adoption of Bitcoin as an attempt to undermine the CFA, amid a contest for influence over the resource-rich country between Russia and France.

@TheIronHeart they can leapfrog 1st world stuff. apparently bitcoin is going pretty well in nigeria.

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