“Brussels is abusing its powers every single day and trying to force bad and alien things upon us,” he said, adding that Hungary had made conciliatory gestures with regard to migration, gender issues and, most recently, the oil embargo, only to be rebuffed. “But we’re not going to give up our border protection,” he said. “We won’t allow migrants in, and we’ll protect our families, and we won’t allow gender activists into our schools,” he added.

The prime minister painted a decade which would be marked by “renewed waves of suicide in the Western world”, and he alluded to a “massive European population exchange programme” which sought to replace dearth of European Christian children with adults and migrants “from other civilisations”. Orban also alluded to “gender madness”, and said liberal Europe was presiding over “a suicide wave” which obliterated Christianity and nation states without putting anything in their place.

Liberal Europe, he added, saw freedom in terms of people being cut off from their communities, family and homeland. “Man alone can never be free, only lonely,” he said.

The prime minister said Brussels was intent on crushing the sovereignty of member states and building “a new European empire” instead of a Europe of nations.

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