The right-wing radical party “Mi Hazánk” (Our Homeland) recommends that the mother should listen to the baby’s heartbeat before terminating a pregnancy. Dóra Dúró, a politician of the party, spoke about the protection of fetal life in parliament. In her opinion, the Hungarian legislation in this area is a lie, because according to the party, life is created at the moment of conception and should be protected from that moment.


citing the measures of the family-friendly policies of the past 12 years, such as the fact that the increase in the birth rate has led to the birth of 125,000 children, the highest in the European Union. The last time marriage rates were comparably high was in the 1940s and mid-1980s. He also said that the number of abortions was highest around 1970 and is now lowest since 1954.

@TheIronHeart i think it was sandman or TFM who claimed this early effect inevitably goes away. will be interesting to watch. good news for now, anyway.

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