"But traditional Europe (Christendom) was anti-Semitic, not philo-Semitic,"

"No it wasn’t. Everywhere (((Christianity))) spread, Jews became a protected ruling class. They were allowed to own Native Europeans as slaves. They and only they were allowed to run finance. Christians were forbidden from controlling their own economies.

An objective look at Christianity shows that it is a racial caste system with Jews at the top and European slaves obeying their commands."

@TheIronHeart Has any christcucks actually done a real honest look at the axiums of tradational white nations and ((( CHristianity ))) and actually disected what actually held white nations together

I see the same problem with ((( ISLAM)) you remove mens authority and ISLAM is for "anyone" it loses its identity

They now allow whites, blacks and low iq Asians to become 'islamic'

ALL REGION removes ethnic identity and ethno nationalism

Region + Statism = Israel first, Control, gatekeeping,lies

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