At least Putin has some claim to fame in Jew-endangered America.

The Yids name their FED-driven “inflation” after him.

The Jew-owned FED—I mean, even under Trump who signed his name to it long before Ukraine—sent out tons of Jew-printed checks for their plandemic that had no product or labor backing it to over 300 million Americans and countless illegals.

More money, for more people, for less products, means high inflation.

Blaming Putin, or if that doesn’t click, accusing ‘globalists,’ ‘elites,’ or even ‘brain-dead Biden’ for America’s ruin just doesn’t get it.

I say blame ‘too many Jews.’

That’s not virtual, that’s reality.

Jon Voight, an evangelical Baptist—brought to fame by Jewish Hollywood in his role as a male prostitute in the movie, “Midnight Cowboy”—wouldn’t dare name the Jew.

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