How did we reach the point where Jews, liberals, neocons and prominent White Nationalists converge?

What is going on?

@TheIronHeart Notice he puts his education status in his s/n as a badge of honor.

Also, that PHD did nothing for his political understanding, as under the rules of war making a military base out of civilian infrastructure makes it a legitimate target.

@TheIronHeart It's all because Johnson is a butt-boy and Putin has clamped down on their filth. Simple as that.

@TheIronHeart In the case of Johnson it's him clinging to his idealized form of "Nationalism." He thinks that Russia sux because it's infringing on the rights of a nation to define itself, and that's his whole moral basis.
@TheIronHeart 'ole Grindr Greg has been shilling ZOG *super* hard throughout this conflict. His organization took in huge amounts of donations last year, far exceeding their lofty target, and I'm more than a little suspicious these two facts are linked.
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