SNL really is shockingly unfunny. The few things I can recall being funny are with Norm Macdonald. Can't believe that show has been going on for decades.

@TheIronHeart it's fairly easy to understand. You get a celebrity host, which draws eyeballs, you get two performances from a musical act. You get the fake news, which was at one time at least kinda novel. The fake commercials were mostly funny. And every once in a while you get a genuinely funny skit, which tend to be done over and over, until the relevant cast members are gone. Plus all of tv was shitty for the most part. How anyone is still watching it after the advent of youtube and internet video streaming generally is a mystery to me.

@MaceDindu You'd know better than me. Never saw it live on TV. I watched this of the Pat tranny and it is just absolute crap:

@TheIronHeart bear in mind, those were halycon days where the very idea of it being a tranny wasn't even on the table.
@TheIronHeart I haven't watched SNL in many years, but I remember thinking back when I last watched it that the skits generally seemed to drag on for like twice as long as they needed to. I also found MAD TV way funnier.
@ChristiJunior @TheIronHeart I've seen high schoolers do improv more impressive than SNL

@TheIronHeart Someone sent me a clip the other day with effusive praise, it was the one with will ferrell as a doctor.

oh man, you won’t BELIEVE this hilarious part in the end where….hahaha, oh man…….okay, get this shit: someone comes in and - HAHAHAHA - introduces himself as Doctor Poop


@WashedOutGundamPilot @TheIronHeart the fact that SNL is a launching point for people's careers instead of a shameful stain tells you everything you need to know about media

@TheIronHeart it was funny when they cancelled rage against the machine after their first song for hanging an American flag upside down on one of their amps... Funny how things have changed since 1996.

@TheIronHeart until the mid 70s tv just went off the air after 11pm.
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