Xi Jinping Attends the General Debate of the 76th Session of the United Nations General Assembly and Delivers an Important Speech


@TheIronHeart what's strange is their scientists work with usa, take money, do research -- and yet they're paranoid about disease breakouts coming from usa. you would think any fauci-funded chinese labwork would be watched extremely closely. would think they would know precisely what is being attempted, what is achieved and what it means for their population.

@Alex_Linder Occam's razor would tell you that there is some deeper cooperation between China and the US than what can be observed on the surface. Because why on earth would China allow Fauci or the US at all to fund risky virus research in China if they were true enemies?

Whatever the origins of covid, you can't overlook that weird fact.

@TheIronHeart china is spending huge amounts of money locking down their population as a result of something connected to those labs. i dont know what to think. the ties are usa being china's big customer. basically they're frenemies, to use that modern dumb word. jews keep a long-term, unswerving agenda, to enslave the world, but they are completely practical from day to day. they'll work with NS or chinese if it makes sense for the time being.

@Alex_Linder I did research and wrote a long piece in Swedish this winter where I document how Jews were involved in every step with China going from a third world country to perhaps the most prosperous nation in the world. I suppose translating it into English and posting it on VNN could be useful. Most of it is quotes and links but when you see the full picture you get this icky feeling that, uh, yeah...

@Alex_Linder No other WN has done nearly the same amount of research on China as I did with regards to that, least of all known China-sycophants like Striker.

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