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Jewish thought leader, Moshe-Mordechai van Zuiden, pens Jewish supremacist article published by The Times of Israel.

"To dislike certain ethnicities is racist; to see Jews as equal is antisemitic"

Understand the specialty of Antisemitism

We need to thank Whoopi Goldberg and the many who answered her so well with the renewed realization that Antisemitism is Racism.

Jews are not overprivileged. Just like Asians living in their Diaspora, Jews just work super hard . . .


The most notable national plan, the compulsory wearing of face masks on long-distance trains and airplanes, will remain in place during upcoming fall and winter.

A negative COVID-19 test will also be required from October until early April for many people to secure entry to hospitals, nursing homes and similar institutions with vulnerable people.


Germany: Commissioner urges more aid for Roma in Ukraine

The top German official for antiziganism says Romani people face structural discrimination in Ukraine. Roma make up 1-1.5% of the country's population.

Germany's antziganism commissioner, Mehmet Daimagüler, called on Berlin Friday to ensure that aid to Ukraine reaches Roma communities.

SNL really is shockingly unfunny. The few things I can recall being funny are with Norm Macdonald. Can't believe that show has been going on for decades.

...anything it does against a non-white country somehow benefits the entire “white” world is an oversimplification that would merely be silly if it weren’t so dangerous, since many Rightists really do think this way. The only difference between this line of thinking and that of the neocons is that the neocons substitute “democratic” for “white.”

John MorganAugust 5, 2022 at 1:51 pm
The logic which holds that the US is a “white” country representing “white” interests — which in itself is an extremely dubious assertion, given that the people comprising the elites and groups determining American foreign policy haven’t been white in character, or in many cases even racially, for many years — and that therefore...

"For us, the German youth of the future must be slim and slender, swift as greyhounds, tough as leather, and hard as steel."

@Alex_Linder I rewatched that movie last spring, couldn't get through it. I really liked it in high school but this time around it felt like a bad farce. A glib feeling to it. The soundtrack is great, though. My father used to play it in the car.

It's not important to hate China; it is important to capitalize W in White.

How did we reach the point where Jews, liberals, neocons and prominent White Nationalists converge?

What is going on?

"Supporting China in any conflagration between China and a Western country, or a Western vassal state such as Japan or South Korea, is therefore a big no-no. As dissidents, we should also be aware that we’re always in danger of being co-opted by imperial rivals to the Washington regime, foremost amongst them Moscow and Peking. "

"What is necessary in the long term is a subjugation of China and a shattering of their dreams for revenge. Having wrested from the Soviet Union the title of Leader of the Outer Revolt, they are now the greatest civilizational threat to white people and are fueled by dangerous levels of resentment against us. This is and will remain true regardless of who holds power in the West."

It has been promoted from the start on that site, most often through that odious Frenchman Faye. It's curious.

John Morgan August 5, 2022 at 10:16 am
This is the sort of shit-tier logic that leads people to think that the US attacking Iraq or Syria is justified because it’s somehow allegedly pro-white. Neoconservatism dressed up as White Nationalism doesn’t belong at Counter-Currents.

"If we could once succeed in engaging the sexual interests of children and adolescents on a mass scale, then reactionary contamination [fascism] would be faced with a tremendous counterforce—and political reaction would be powerless.[34]"

As long as the masses are too busy masturbating, having casual sex and letting their children watch porn, then the West lacks the moral clarity, let alone the political ability, to attempt to curb Jewish influence on our culture.

Reich, writing during the ascension to power of German National Socialism, saw the revolutionary value in promoting the sexualization of children—something which his most devoted disciples during the sexual revolution sought to accomplish. He understood that a society of gentiles befuddled and distracted by sex and pornography—one where political energy and moral outrage has been redirected or blinded by sexual passions—is a docile society where an anti-Jewish reaction can never take deep root:

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