Apparently Epstein only wanted to prey on underage Shiksas, no Schvartzes allowed

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Whites do not and never will agree on politics, economics and religion.

White Nationalism is for those who value their race, even if that just means they won't be attacked for it.

What WN seek is the behavior-expressed preference of most whites. That is why jews have made it illegal to form racially exclusive White communities.

Jews must be destroyed, as they are interfering with our lives. White Nationalism alone acknowledges the facts about jews, their behavior, & our necessary response

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jews want to enslave the world, so they invented a religion that held 'sheep' as the ideal for competing races. "where do i sign?" yelped too many whites

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multiculturalism is a scam concept, similar to racism. cultures disagree on deepest matters, so they inherently cannot get along, certainly not in the same space.

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white nationalism isnt an advocacy so much as an articulation of natural white preferences and behavior

it is WN who have to be banned, and white-exclusive terrain that has to be outlawed - because these are the natural defaults that whites are always instinctively looking for and heading back to

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whites are attacked, as whites, for being white, whether they defend themselves or not; -- whether they even acknowledge their race or not.

race is real. pretending it isn't, as certain catholic and other ideologues are wont to do, doesn't make it go away

Apparently even sites that are viciously anti-white / pro-censor don't ban speech fast enough for the deplatformer/cancel culture mobs appetite.

"Twitter faces 48-hour boycott over anti-Semitic posts by rapper Wiley"

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white people have been completely brainwashed and mind poisoned

left-wing whites riot in the name of "Black Lives";
right-win whites vote for Trump because he has done all kinds of wonderful things for the black community

am i the only non-insane white left on earth? me and you?

i honestly have to step outside myself and simply applaud and award it a Goldberg Medal in Perverted Subversion Over a Protracted Period

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these niggeers live off white tax money. only white males, as a group, pay taxes. and the 'right wing' party tries to get votes by bragging to these tax slaves about how much it has helped the niggers feeding off them.

if you vote, you are validating this System of white slavery.

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whites traded physical race for spiritual with xtianity. that set the clock on the time bomb.

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Catholicism is jewish ideology masquerading as Aryan philosophy.

An ideologue is one who rejects facts that falsify his claims.

example: virgin birth
example: man coming back from dead
example: man being his own father

that's just three. i could go on. i could really go on.

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pretend i'm a talking gecko. every single thing that makes my life comfortable, easy or fun - was invented by a white man. every platform that extends or facilitates my talents - was invented by a white man.

objectively, white men have been very good for me. speaking as a lizard, as far as you know or it matters.

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in urlspeak, (((mass porn))) should be seen as


that is, porn is a subset of racemixing, a category within racemixing (and racemixing is the racial destruction of whites), rather than racemixing being a subset or fetish category within porn. racemixing is is the default in jewish porn for whites, same as in tip of the iceberg TV.

jew promotes, secondarily, homoism because it racially destroys whites, with any secondary reason being far down the list.

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as i told you on day one, in fact before 2000, professional conservatives do not give a damn about anything except their own individual careers. they will tell whatever (((lie))) pays. that's why when you pay them any respect or attention, you hurt your own side, and you incur their contempt - for they know what they are, same as any whore.

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if someone says you and your kind should be wiped out
_and_ they behave that way...over a long period of time... would you and your kind be wise to respond?

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@NBForrest most right-wingers are still under the liberal spell imparted by jewish-christianity that "really" we're all the same. this impedes them from perceiving just how different jews actually are from whites and other human species.

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Too many Universities and School Systems are about Radical Left Indoctrination, not Education. Therefore, I am telling the Treasury Department to re-examine their Tax-Exempt Status...

Police being replaced by armed woke nigger/antifa mobs, waving their black power fist BLM flags. Laws proposed to stop whites from protecting themselves against violent niggers. This one is even named after a slur against white women. Things getting closer every day to the beginning of The Turner Diaries. Welcome to

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