To those unaware, "Loli is Japanese manga or anime that is sexually explicit and involves cartoon characters that are underage. "

These unserious faggots are unable to fully identify the source of the problems facing the white race, because they themselves are jewed in mind, body, and spirit.


@Varg This is the Fediverse, Mr. FBI Man. The only RT permitted is 'Russia Today'. Otherwise it can only mean 'retweet' which we do not do around here.

Good luck fitting in better and glowing less.
@elftummy @Varg I support her getting on a treadmill and losing weight
@elftummy @getindor Tummy Gang represent! Christian tummy will inherit the Earth!
@Varg “Honey why is that smelly fatso in weird logo clothing yelling at us?”

“Don’t worry babe he’s one of Linder’s Ladybugs. He’ll end up dying of cirrhosis sooner or later. Now let’s go bet on the hobo deathmatches!”
Do you suppose that instead of shitposting they should be completely serious every second of the day? :02_wut:
@Elfie @Varg You have to be a humorless character who has no life outside MY ideology instead of an actual human being with complex emotions and real day to day struggles.
Grifters who don't work to eat become a media character without soul, actors.
There is a reason why actors were regarded as low as prostitutes in Rome.
@basadeskaiser @Varg
I mean, you can make the argument for activism, the issue is that if you're not providing a banner nor a framework to do this, then you're no different than the people you're criticising just less self aware
@Elfie @Varg
You could actually lead people, advice or buikd something instead of posing as an internet persona and taking the internet overly seriously because it's your whole life.
Don’t care, didn’t ask plus you’re a fed and a fag. Go play gay glownigger white savior on twitter.
When did LARPers start adopting "unserious" as an insult? It has that "jargon stolen from online lefty pseuds to prop up our own feeble attempt to academize our rhetoric" vibe I get often from Podcast Racers, so I'll assume they popularized it.
Also amused by this shit about being "unable to identify the source of the white race's problems." Like let me guess (as if you didn't already imply it right after), it's The Jews?

I've been truly shaken. I don't know why nobody but your specific flavor of rightoid had thought to suspect them until now. I suppose cunny had blinded the rest of us to this deep wisdom--perhaps the Japs have been running interference for them all along?

My eyes have been pried open at last! 😲
@Varg Jews hate lolis because they're not real children, lol.

@ehhh you’re literally a faggot pretending to be a woman, and likely a pedo if you draw children naked. Hope you die a painful death, useless filth

"Waaaahhhh! :blobsob::blobsob::blobsob::blobsob: Pedo! Die! Filth! Wahaaaaaahhahh :blobsob::blobsob::blobsob::blobsob:"

I will not even argue the woman part because you probably have more estrogen than I do.
@ehhh @Varg and if you like real kids seek the nearest shotgun
@FutaFanatic @ehhh @Varg you're one of the good ones :sui_laugh: you aren't working for the UN or Hollywood.
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