Hope the Kanye thing escalates with him naming jew even more. I think he realizes it's taboo, with his question to Tim Pool "who is they though? Why can't we say who they are?" and him doing the litmus test on twitter- and being proven right. I think he'll double down more, rather than cuck out and apologize. Niggers don't like being told what they can/can't do, unlike modern stickfetching whites. We will see where it goes.

@Varg They don't like being told what they can do or can't do by Whites.

They will bend the knee with contemptuous glee if the jew is black skinned.

@Varg Dont know, Ice Cube, Ice T sure cucked fast. Same with that basketball nigger.

@spiritsplice @Varg People say whites are cucks but look how pathetic the richest of niggers crumble to the weedy of jews.
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