Reading Musk's ex-wife's twitter page. Her brain is totally jewed, links to ADL articles constantly. Pushed their kid into being trans, and killed their relationship with father, supposedly she gets $80k/mo alimony + more. His ex Grimes is in same boat. I supposed to them he is Hitler, even though he's still pretty leftist just not raving lunatic leftist as they are.

Amazing how parents can be conditioned into mutilating their own kids, so long as it is accepted and promoted as "science" by the corrupt "authorities".

@Varg Musk is Jewish
Musk isnt White
Musk isnt African

Musk is WEF
Musk is UN Agenda 21
Musk is International Corporations
Musk is Sustainable Development

Haven't seen any definitive evidence for that.

@Varg @charliebrownau yeah, a lot of 'Jews' fled to South America and South Africa after ww2

what a retarded fucking aussie

(they also fled to Australia)
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