Saw this graphic online. It’s accurate in that christian men are indeed cuckolds that are subordinate to another man in their own family

New shortages on children Tylenol, amoxicillin, etc. as we send billions to jewkraine

Christian = the Austin Powers ‘mini-me’ of a jew

Christian’s brains have been rotten out from their jew mind poison. I don’t know what the point is in even keeping them around. They should be put in work camps, and that’s about it. They are beyond the point of being rational normal people anymore

Interesting point raised.. don’t really notice as big differences in white racial types anymore. Generic fat white guy with mustache/beard or without, or generic skinny white guy with mustache/beard or without.

Reading Musk's ex-wife's twitter page. Her brain is totally jewed, links to ADL articles constantly. Pushed their kid into being trans, and killed their relationship with father, supposedly she gets $80k/mo alimony + more. His ex Grimes is in same boat. I supposed to them he is Hitler, even though he's still pretty leftist just not raving lunatic leftist as they are.

He obviously hijacked this quote from someone saying this is what a 'racist' is then he made it 'safe'

Ooga booga, people beez unfit to think that 'hate speech' is free speech.

Response from (((Yoel Roth)) saying "Let’s talk for a minute about slurs, hateful conduct, and trolling campaigns.

Bottom line up front: Twitter’s policies haven’t changed. Hateful conduct has no place here. And we’re taking steps to put a stop to an organized effort to make people think we have."

This isn’t real, but the larval jew in the christian is

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