A great problem that we have is no one fucking listens to the autistian aristocracy. No one listened to Henry Ford when he warned about the jews. No one listened to Martin Luther when he did as well. We literally have a thousand tales of how jews are evil, written by actual intellectuals, but no one fucking listens.

treat women like overgrown children or suffer the consequences.

What's the logical way to treat a race trying to genocide your own?

Fuck all these women.
Most screeching about it will likely never want to have an abortion.

They just don't like that they're being told what to do.
Yet it's women who drive all the intrusions the government imposes on us.

Bet ya ass there'd be no covid lockdown and Vax mandates if women werent any where near that shit.

This life is just about dominating others, so go dominate frens, else theyll domonate you.

Geminigirl 馃嚭馃嚫

Armed nigger confronts Dollar Store clerk with gun, clerk shoots him dead. The armed robbers siblings say CLERK shouldn鈥檛 have brought a gun to work.

video of its nigblings arguing against the clerk defending himself


A. Linder

All the top maximalists are non-jews. This is of the highest significance, though none of them, so far, dares to acknowledge the fact publicly. Jews are both the reason bitcoin is necessary and its greatest enemy.

why is this


thing happening?

the answer is always because it's good for jews.

" There is absolutely no medical rationale or justification for children and teens to get a COVID shot. It鈥檚 all risk and no gain. " (mercola)

jews live in continual horror at the idea the white body will find its head. that's the akshual meaning of jan 6

Linder's signature accomplishment was bringing to the fore of WN the religion question. There is a fundamental incompatibility between race and religion: in a religion, you belong because of what you believe; in a race, you belong by birthright, by blood/soul, and you hold racial, as opposed to religious, beliefs (you subordinate belief to blood/soul, to racial understanding/not understanding).

We whiteskins must decide if we are a race or a religion.

> WN: "If only we had a racial religion..."
> Aryan: "How about we rely on our Blood & Soul, our racial inheritance stripped of religion, instead of trying to shoehorn a contrived religion onto our folk?"
> WN: "If only we had a racial religion..."

what's more dangerous to your health?

a cold

an untested 'vaccine' promoted by media/govt that lie about everything else?

difficult question. take as many hours as you need to puzzle through it

There is nothing on earth as fatuous, as retarded-sounding, as a white-skin reading lessons out of a bible. Complete lack of self-awareness.

And they're all over the radio. All over it.

You know goddam well none of this christ-crap would be LEGAL, let allowed on the radio, unless it served jew interests.

When you say you're a christian and White, what you're really saying is I dont or cant take anything seriously. I am the main ingredient in the circus called .

If the (((system))) on a rare occasion fails to railroad pro-Whites to long prison terms for self-defense, or even just for exercising their rights to free speech, moneyed kike shysters are waiting to financially destroy them with (((lawfare))). And nothing & no one will stop them.

Why would you be afraid of legal risks from vaccinating supposed migrants who are supposedly piss-poor and supposedly fleeing for their lives?

German husband kills himself, his wife and their three young girls after he faked a COVID shot certificate and feared his kids would be taken away when it was discovered

much of health is



now you tell me, peabo, where's the money in THAT?

ya see? do ya?

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