The link is the Gaming section of Rumble. Not once, NOT FUCKING ONCE, has any of my videos EVER shown up there:

I saw this on Gab Social somewhere, and couldn't find it again. But found it on Odysee. The video is a former healthcare worker who talks about regretting taking the Covid-19 "vaccine."

New video up on my Youtube channel featuring Battlefield 1 via GeForce Now. Be sure to subscribe to the channel!

I was playing Sniper Elite 4 last night and was getting weird frame rate issues. I then found out the game was using DirectX 11; but you can also switch it to DirectX12. DirectX12 had WAY better performance. Which is weird, because DirectX11 usually has better performance on my system. Vulcan, of course, has the best performance. More game devs need to use Vulcan.

It literally says in the United States Code that the "United States" is a corporation:

28 U.S. Code § 3002

(15)“United States” means—
(A)a Federal corporation;

Holy crap, I never knew that it is literally written into law in plain site. It's not a fucking conspiracy theory.

I also bought the latest American Truck Simulator DLC, Wyoming. I wanted to check out the new locations added in the DLC in a video at some point.

Just remembered that I bought Zombie Army 4 on Steam, when it went on sale. I'll definitely play it on my channel. I had it on the Epic Store; but Bear doesn't like the Epic Store and he thought he would rather just play it through Steam now that it's there. .

JRPG's seem to be the best fit for me right now. They're not infuriating first person shooters. They don't have stories full of woke garbage. They actually require you to use your fucking brain.

I may use more JRPG's as backgrounds to my videos, which I plan on making more commentary focused.

I've been using and been really liking it a lot. I mean, what is the point of using Gab or other social media when a decentralized alternative like Delta Chat already exists?

It's open source. No centralized servers. No one owns it. Supports encryption and is way more secure than Telegram. Puts users in control (not a corporation or individual) of what is considered free speech. And its FREE.

You can find me in the Delta Chat app with my dedicated e-mail:
[email protected]

New video up (no gameplay) about me discussing a dilemma that I'm sure many content creators experience. Let's face it: Many choose the money side of the dilemma.

Latinos proud to be latinos.✅
Asians proud to be asian.✅
Blacks proud to be blacks.✅
Jews proud to be jews.✅ ✅ ✅

❌ ❌ ❌ Whites proud to be white.❌ ❌ ❌
"You racist, white supremacist filth!"

My newest video is up featuring a Battlefield Vietnam map mod that I added to Ravenfield. Be sure to subscribe to the channel and share the the vid!




The next Covid variant should be called DumbAss-pox.

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