Even E Michael Jones is saying that if Trump can't stand up against the Jews, a vote for Trump in 2024 is pointless.

Let's circulate this in the fediverse. Everyone needs to see this. The real reason Kanye was banned.

This video argues that Trump is a freemason. I didn't know about the architectual symbolism concerning Trump Tower. I think this is a big deal if true.


Happy Thanksgiving to all my fellow people in the US.🦃

One of the best Flat Earth videos I have watched so far. Good presentation of the evidence:

"Why I'm a Flat Earther 37 Must See Experiments"

Good video about how whites of European descent are descendants of Israelites.


"What Jews like David Baddiel refuse — and even fear — to acknowledge is how it has been the Jews themselves who fomented the racial tensions — and encouraged black-on-white violence — in their host nations for selfish reasons — and now that those self-created racial tensions threaten their tenuous grip on power, they want to retreat and pretend that they are status as powerless, eternal victims of 'white supremacy.'"


@bearitgaming We see it all the time

Your not a 'real' man unless you get shamed/blamed/guilt into X

Think of the chillins

What about the women

Think of the disabled

Blacks anrt achieving

In regards to Trump 2024...

REMEMBER: Operation Warp Speed

Lot's of people have already fucking died because of it.

20 Million Dead from the Jab, 2.2 Billion Injuries – Analyst Estimates
“These numbers are beyond staggering.”

The Vigilant Fox
Oct 11

Trump isnt a free speech guy. He doesnt believe it should be legal to critize jews or Israel.

Carl Schmitt
American society in 2022 is an society. White people, particularly white men face systemic oppression on a daily basis. Our culture is foreign and hostile. Our government and institutions actively demotes our standing. Our land is invaded.

There will be a reaction.

"Human" refers to "males of European descent."

It does not refer to blacks, asians, or any other group. "Human" is OUR term-what whites males of European descent choose to call ourselves. And other races should stop fucking stealing it.

If anyone here is able to use Gab, are you able to load the site at all? I just get error messages.

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