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Van Der Made's neuromorphic "Akida" system-on-chip will be a household name in a few years. It needs no external CPU or connection to the internet/clouds. It instantly learns just like the spiking neurons in a brain. It is the first validated chip of its kind to be hitting the market in August. Each Akida chip has effectively 1.2 million neurons and 10 billion synapses. The Artificial Intelligence market is estimated to be worth $75 billion by 2025. You do the math.

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"equity" = everything whites have is stolen from alleged people of color and must be returned with interest.

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@JimmyMarr i dont worry about stuff much. i tried to bring out the gravitas of the situation. just made me hate the System more. chickenshit lawyers, weak judge, jury with "just let me get back to consoooming" in their eyes. i am proud i was able to bear witness to rounders SELFLESSNESS and hardest-workingness. im glad he gave me the chance to show that is more than conceptual. if we had even a few dozen rounders we'd already have won.

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" The Equalitarian Road to Hell:

I don’t see religion or nation.
I don’t see race or color.
I don’t see sex or gender.
I don’t see age.
Pedophilia is the end game of Equality. It always was. "

i dont know. sounds just like xtianity, the original leveler, to me. the last line is a complete non sequitur.

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They're not attacking whites because they're christian but because they're white.

They're not attacking whites becaues they're the majority but because they're white.

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'equity' is code for the assumption that underlies all (((racial discussion))):

Everything whites have is stolen from blacks and must be returned. All white achievement is built on black backs; all black failure is due to white oppression.

All this is encapsulated in every single use of 'equity,' which replaces the earlier term 'equality,' which was meant to, and did, fool whites that blacks simply wanted "fairness" and opportunity.

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SJW is a way for the 3/4 crowd to avoid saying jew.

that does not mean all SJW are jews, you fucking idiot.

people like you look at a dogsled and think the dogs are running the show. you fucking idiot.

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race doesnt exist
race doesnt matter
whites are uniquely evil and must be genocided

if you dont understand how jews can push all three of these at once, thru xtianity, (((secular media))) and academia, as well as from government, you have more to learn about

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" The reality is that race is a heritable trait, rooted in biology. The basal genetic components of Whiteness emerged at least 40 kya. The genetic mix contained within contemporary Whites came together 4-6 kya. The word White may be relatively new, but the people to whom that term refers, however broadly or narrowly you care to see us, preexisted the parasitic tribe which today calls themselves jews, and thrived for millennia before our minds were poisoned by Christianity. " --Tanstaafl

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US military: Our Paid Heroes who Rose As One to fight FOR the jews who just terrorized America via WTC demolitions.

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@spiritsplice what kind of jew is going to write "for our jewish friends" if he's a jew. he'd write "fellow jews" and blather on about his jew origin.

you're an idiot - and a liar. and like most mentally disabled you are incapable of distinguishing between your own baseless opinion and fact. your opinion is worthless. literally no one values it but you. for good reason.

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biden is overreaching. here's how to look at it. there i LOADS of law and perfectly clear original intent that constitutional interpretation is open to ALL PARTIES - individuals and states, etc. not just supreme court. the problem is there are so few balls that every state just knuckles under. but any state can claim the feds are overreaching and simply refuse to comply.

in the end, every single thing comes down to what we are willing tolerate. because bads/jews will push until stopped.

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White Nationalists - the ones -- the only ones -- who are willing to consider the proposition that maybe whites arent the bad guys.

has what you need.

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Sam Kinison asked, "how does a man look at another man's hairy ass...and find love? I wanna know."

in similar vein, i ask: "how do a man talking about racial differences in oral bacteria and another man fixated on his pet superhero 'jesus' the jew who cant be killed and even fathered Himself through a 'virgin' hold a debate? i wanna know."

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the afghan war

began with jewish terrorism against whiters (wtc demolitions) and ended with jewish terrorism against whites (importing 100k discolored muslims to stick in whitest areas of usa)

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actual number of genders: 0

there are two (2) sexes

that's what they're called, and that's how many there are, and anything else is a lie.

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Pharmaceutical megacorporation pfizer is now developing a COVID pill that is meant to be taken alongside the COVID vaccines that have already made the company a staggering amount of money. The new pill is expected to be released by the end of the year and will be required to be taken twice per day.

Creating profitable pills is the business, and business is good, particularly when zogvernment forces purchase of your product.

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@rasterman someone who'd make excuses for liars would lie himself.

jared taylor knows the jew. he's either paid by them, afraid of them, or for some perverse private reason trying to mislead whites.

jones is simply a catholic ideologue. he honestly believes what he's saying. he's simply wrong.

If someone like you or Duke would debate either of them, I would pay to see that. Let's make it happen.

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emj and jared taylor debate finally happens

alt-mainstream debate: real solution left off the table

the problem is jews - and jews are a matter of biology not religion

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@O2 what do you we replace god with, is often asked.


God is a lazy, cowardly, delusional man's substitute for reality.

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