it's sobering that richard heart asserts bitcoin is at the TOP of its S curve

Pardon my ignorance, but I assume this is a good thing for adoption of Bitcoin. Or no?

@bigbrother1066 no, the opposite. s curve refers to adoption. the basic question is whether we're early on that curve or late. he's saying late. most say we're early. he says no that's wrong, bitcoin is 13 years old, outdate technology. hex and others are better. that's his argument. look up S curve.

I'm just curious. What do you personally think?

@bigbrother1066 what i personally think is what i've said - that he has induced in me serious wonder regarding technical ways of overcoming the 21m, which is the same as killing bitcoin. that's why i want him directly discussing the matter with top bitcoin minds. how exactly can the 21m be altered? this is where the jew pressure will come into play, it doesnt matter that none of the folks will mention jews, this is a purely technical question which i dont have answer to yet. we know the politics


Yeah. Great points. The two inflation bugs got me worried too.

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