Beyond safely storing your recovery phrase in a non-digital format (paper, or engraved in a metal plate) in a fireproof, waterproof box, I would recommend memorizing it. Yes, it may take some effort to remember 12 to 24 words in order, but it would be worth it as an extra layer of security. If you can memorize lots of trivial data like sports statistics and movie quotes, you can surely memorize a dozen or so words linked to your financial freedom.

@bigbrother1066 ever use diceware to generate unique and practically unbreakable passwords that are also relatively easy to remember?

Never heard of it. As far as I'm aware, the secret recovery phrase is selected at random for users.

@bigbrother1066 look it up, it's a pretty neat process. you just need 6d6 (physical dice) and a 2-3k wordlist, makes unbreakable passwords
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