Brainchip, Inc. is at 87 cents on the American OTCQX. Do you white niggers want to buy it now, or when it is at $1.70 again?
STEP 1: Open up a brokerage/trading online account through a financial services company like Wells Fargo, Schwab, Merrill Edge, Fidelity, etc.
STEP 2: Type in "BRCHF" in the search box of your online account.
STEP 3: Purchase as many shares in "BRCHF" as you want.

I found the quote cited in The Engineering of Consent: Controlling Mankind's Past to Control Its Future, by David Klooz. Allegedly, Netanyahu said it while at Fink's Bar in Jerusalem.
@Alex Linder

BrainChip, Inc. is now at 75 cents on the American OTCQX. It's at 0.74 Euros on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange. It's at $1.19 on the Australian exchange. There's a reason.

Peter Van Der Made is the guy who founded BrainChip, Inc. back in 2004. Before that, he worked for IBM. His 2013 book is called "Higher Intelligence: How to Create a Functional Artificial Brain". He speaks English, Dutch and German.

I just learned there was a fucking musical about Leo Frank.
Unfucking believable. Whiteskins will distance themselves from other Whiteskins over trivial reasons. A great point Alex has made is that all Jews will defend a child rapist murderer like Leo Frank, even 100 years later. Hell, they portray him as a victim and saint!

Nathan was a young 24 year-old White man who was shot by a feral nigger a month before his first child was born. He was shot while on a morning walk. The website reads, "On the morning of April 1st, 2014, Nathan was called to HEAVEN. Nathan was on his morning walk when he was mugged and shot to death." Christianity really is an evasion from reality. So, HEAVEN called Nathan by making a nigger mug and kill him?

"Objective reality exists. People want to believe they can win in a way that's comfortable to them; by doing whatever they want rather than looking at the situation objectively, analyzing it intellectually & saying, 'This is where we are. This is what we need to do.' They want to say, 'This is what I feel good doing, so this is what I'm going to do. Somehow, we can win in that way.' That's irresponsible, immoral & weak-minded."
-A. Linder
Hot Dog Podcast #3, 04-2014

You know what? OMI (Veve) already launched its first Simpsons NFT in November. I can just imagine in the near future, when the real life "comic book guys" will be greedily outbidding each other while slurping their soda from behind their computers to own the first Comic Book Guy NFT.

NVISO is one of Brainchip's confirmed partners. It's pretty safe to say that Hyundai Mobis' sensory hardware is about to get a big boost with Brainchip's Akida technology. Invest now White niggers. Don't wait until 2025 when the price per share is $5, instead of 57 cents like it is now. In January it was at an all time high of $1.72. Do your own research, but do it sooner than later. And buy Bitcoin, Cardano and Vechain.

"NASA is keen to increase the performance of its autonomous rovers to allow for greater speeds."
And guess which company has the only commercially available neuromorphic chip. Buy shares in Brainchip, Inc. The ticker is BRCHF on the OTCQX.

"They say that precisely because they have no documentation of it. All they have is a bunch of lying eyewitnesses. Some of these people will claim they were gassed multiple times. I mean there is no ceiling to the ridiculousness of Jewish claims about what happened to them in World War Two. Every single time, [they claim] 'everybody in my family died except me.' "
-Alex Linder, Goyfire #54

"An honest man can use evidence to prove his case. He doesn't need to lock anybody up. The truth does not require prison walls to defend itself. All you have to do is put it out there and say, 'No. She's wrong. Here's a list of six million people killed. Here's the blueprint of a gas chamber. Here's how they did it.' Well, they can't do that. And that's why they lie [by saying], 'Oh, it's the most documented event in human history.' "
-Alex Linder, Goyfire #54

"These same Aryans fight over a dime, clip coupons and want to be reimbursed for everything. They can't believe how some Jew could invent a lie that would result in hundreds of billions of dollars flowing from stupid sucker goyim like themselves into Jewish purses. The Jews just laugh at you. They think you're idiots."
-Alex Linder, Goyfire #54

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