"but today i introduce groovy yous to the concept of the


he is the one who EXPECTS people to act a certain way (when in public), but they DISCHEESE ME with their rude ignorings/aggressive bafflings of his EXPECTATIONS! making him EXPECTORATE, at least figuratively.

WHEREUPON the expectravert returns smhing to his lair, where he becomes indecipherable from a conventional introvert."
-Alex Linder

If I knew who the artist was, I could give them well-deserved credit. Nicely expressed.

"We're at a point now where the D.A. can publicly dither about whether they should get the death penalty. I don't know how he can't make up his mind whether these niggers should even get the death penalty. He can't make up his mind. Think about that. How fast do you think that asshole would have gone for the death penalty if whites had done this to blacks?"
-Alex Linder, Goyfire #52
(May 12, 2007)

"If the police did as much as they did to stop you [Alex Linder] from exercising your first amendment rights, maybe Channon Christian [and Christopher Newsom] would be alive."
-Craig Cobb, Goyfire #52
(May 12, 2007)

"You know, we don't just need justice in this case. We need a future without this type of horror. We need a completely new system."
-Aegis, Goyfire #52
(May 12, 2007)

"Ship-wreckers" is a good term to add to Team White's lexicon. Thank you Alex for reading GLR's book WP. Your idea is a good one: that we come up with a term to succinctly describe what you do with your audiobook/commentary. I'm thinking...


"We think that the shift of A.I. processing out of the data center that we are trying to accomplish to the device is very similar to the computing revolution that occurred when Intel shifted computing off the mainframe and onto the pc. We really believe that Akida will make this happen."
-Brainchip CFO Ken Scarince (June 2022)

Printing more zogbucks to bribe their cats' paws to risk WWIII while depriving Europeans of gas for heating their homes and robbing us all through the Jew-flation, and now conspiring to finish us off through ESG-backed CBDC, insect-eating and GLOBOHOMO. We'll soon see what destructive proposals are conjured/repeated during that meeting.

When we are in a position someday to do what must be done, we MUST do it.

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