Printing more zogbucks to bribe their cats' paws to risk WWIII while depriving Europeans of gas for heating their homes and robbing us all through the Jew-flation, and now conspiring to finish us off through ESG-backed CBDC, insect-eating and GLOBOHOMO. We'll soon see what destructive proposals are conjured/repeated during that meeting.

When we are in a position someday to do what must be done, we MUST do it.

The Siemens information has now been deleted from the job ad. Someone had let the cat out of the bag too early. Grateful for it. 2023 should be a formative year for BrainChip, Inc.

How many heads of state today would feel safe standing up in an open car, moving slowly through crowds, without any bulletproof vest or shield?

I deduce that one of those 100 NDAs (Non-Disclosure Agreements) that BrainChip made more than a year ago was likely with Siemens. What would you make of the mentioning of Siemens in this job description posting by BrainChip, White man?

"Recent developments in mRNA technology may lead to flu vaccines that could be developed more quickly and may be better matched to each season's specific strains." convenient! Alex, you were right in connecting the "get your flu shot" campaigns from previous years with the current clotshot campaign.

I just received an offer from CVS "to participate in a research study for an INVESTIGATIONAL mRNA vaccine study". LOL Notice how they don't call it an "experimental" vaccine, maybe to make it sound less dangerous. According to the offer, the people who might be eligible are those who haven't had a flu shot in the last six months.

I'm not sure if you were the "YouTube commenter" who made the highlighted observation, but I'd hate not to credit you for the brilliant take on women.

"Our latest voice assistant responds to commands in milliseconds, even 'without an internet connection'."
Who could it be????

"Jewed attitude: porn has nothing to do with free speech. Jews have spent decades brainwashing people that porn is protected by first amendment but actual political speech is “hate” speech which should be or is illegal and totally not protected. there’s no point in arguing with Jews, they must simply be counter-exterminated."
-Alex Linder

Hey White man,
Buying BrainChip, Inc. shares (BRCHF) is like investing in Microsoft before anyone knew about it. Bill Gates is a scumbag genius, and he was right when he said in 2004, "If you invent a breakthrough in artificial intelligence, so machines can learn, that is worth 10 Microsofts."

BrainChip is already selling its disruptive neuromorphic chip technology, & has first mover advantage over its competitors Intel, IBM, NVIDIA & Google.

Most creatures placed in the "human" category are little more than programmable lapdogs whose behaviors and loyalties are only as good as the creatures who provide them food, benefits and a pat on the head for "doing the right thing". Just like the famous Milgram experiment confirms, most would literally kill if it were approved and condoned by a perceived authority.

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