Renesas tapes out spiking neural network chip - Renesas is taping out a chip using the spiking neural network (SNN) technology developed by Brainchip.

The Siemens information has now been deleted from the job ad. Someone had let the cat out of the bag too early. Grateful for it. 2023 should be a formative year for BrainChip, Inc.

I deduce that one of those 100 NDAs (Non-Disclosure Agreements) that BrainChip made more than a year ago was likely with Siemens. What would you make of the mentioning of Siemens in this job description posting by BrainChip, White man?

"The ARM ecosystem has shipped over 230 billion chips to date and have over a thousand technology partners in that ecosystem. A lot of those chips and ecosystem partners are focused on the IoT (internet of things) space. The amount of chips in our ecosystem that's shipping is growing quickly as well. Last quarter alone we reported our ecosystem shipped over 7.4 billion chips across the various markets."
-Kevin Ryan, Senior Director at ARM

Also good time to buy BrainChip shares at 45 cents. Ticker is "BRCHF" in America, "BRN" in Australia and "24Y" in Germany. BrainChip's recent partnership with the vast ARM ecosystem of billions of chips shipped every quarter, is very promising.

BRCHF: A First Mover in a New Market
"BrainChip intends to replicate the business model utilized by ARM Holdings – licensing the company’s IP and realizing royalty fees on each unit shipped with their technology – which if successful can lead to a very profitable business model in the long run."

In this episode, BrainChip’s Rob Telson and Prophesee’s Luca Verre to discuss overcoming roadblocks of computer vision by improving the speed, performance, efficiency and safety through neuromorphic engineering.

"Our latest voice assistant responds to commands in milliseconds, even 'without an internet connection'."
Who could it be????

BrainChip will be providing live demos at the Edge AI & Hardware AI combined Summit next week.
The AI Hardware Summit is the premier commercial event focused on systems-first machine learning. The goal of AI Hardware Summit is to create a feedback loop between those designing AI systems & those using them to accelerate the development & adoption of AI technologies across industries.

BrainChip's Australian share price just reached $1 again.
BrainChip's American share price is at 63 cents.
Good time to buy, Team White.

Don James Voss of St. Charles, Missouri reminds us.
"Brainchip was successfully used in the Mercedes concept vehicle.
Brainchip is ridiculously cheap for being the worlds only available pure-play artificial intelligence stock. Next generation neuromorphic AI. A certified unicorn is the way I see it. Time to be prescient."
Australia: "BRN"
Germany: "24Y"

Don James Voss of St. Charles, Missouri reminds us.
"Brainchip makes decisions in the device or EV (Edge computing ) No need for "The cloud" or 5G. No chance for hackers,
Brainchip is the only commercial stage neuromorphic AI chip.
Brainchip has a more advanced Akida 1500 chip under development.
Brainchip is UP 90% the past 12 months. (Up 500% over the past 24 months).
Brainchips Revenue was 2.42M or up 529.42% year to year as of June 2022 (source: Google Finance)"

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