The more I learn about Hex and Richard Heart, the more confident I am that he is the real deal.

"The next-generation chip is currently being developed by the Australian IP company BrainChip. The novel technology of the Akida chip could see a market shift in the near future that could shake up the incumbents."
"It is no coincidence that the Akida chip was recently accepted into the AI Partner Program by ARM. Mercedes-Benz also relies on the novel technology for its EQXX."

Understanding BrainChip's Akida technology.
1) ultra low power
2) superfast, one-shot learning
3) no cloud/internet dependency

This deployment of NVISO’s Human Behavioural AI exploits the superior performance capabilities of BrainChip Akida neuromorphic processor IP with latencies under 10ms and model storage requirements under 1MB for a complete target solution. Targeting the next generation of low-power SOC devices with embedded neuromorphic capabilities, target applications include Robotics, Automotive, Telecommunication, Infotainment, and Gaming.

NVISO will release, commercially, its Human Behaviour AI as both an Evaluation Kit (EVK) and Software Development Kit (SDK) optimized for neuromorphic processors targeting innovators looking to adopt AI-driven human-machine interfaces to detect human behaviour in real-time at the edge. Both BrainChip, Inc. and NVISO will jointly promote the EVK and SDK, and the first evaluation with a semiconductor manufacturer in Japan has started.

Edge Impulse Releases Deployment Support for BrainChip Akida Neuromorphic IP
"We're extremely delighted to support BrainChip's proliferation of their Akida technology," said Jan Jongboom, CTO at Edge Impulse.

In this episode, BrainChip’s Rob Telson and Edge Impulse’s Jan Jongboom discuss how machine learning on neuromorphic computing can make IoT devices smarter, faster, and more efficient.

BrainChip Demonstrates Gesture Recognition with Prophesee EV4 Development Camera
AGAIN, what makes this so unique?
2) It is done anywhere from millionths to thousandths of a watt.
3) It is one-shot learning, in real time (faster than other A.I.).

"Bitcoin is an excel spreadsheet on the Internet that requires your password to spend, and inflates at 1.2% a year to keep it honest. That's the best description of a blockchain that you'll ever find. Very similar to that, Hex is the same thing. We just pay stakers to hold the price up, instead of miners to dump the price."
-Richard Heart, founder of Hex and Pulsechain
Fast forward to the 9:00 mark.

Hex is the crypto equivalent of a certificate of deposit (CD).
Hex pays out in interest to the users. "The thing which Hex most resembles is Bitcoin," says Richard Heart. Fast forward to the 4:48 mark.

This is a VERY valuable debate, from both sides. I see why Alex likes this guy. It's hard not to like him. Heart comes across as arrogant (not necessarily a bad thing entirely), but his arrogance is earned. Besides being knowledgeable and articulate, he has years worth of hands-on experience in cryptocurrency.
Beyond that, he has created hex and pulse.

Team White:
After you buy your crypto (whether it's OMI on, vechain on, cardano, bitcoin, hex, etc), be sure to transfer it to an offline cold storage ledger wallet. This way, it is safer in your own hands. Just don't lose the keys. Write down the passwords by hand and don't store them digitally. Store the ledger wallet and the paper with handwritten passwords in a safe place. Maybe consider a water-proof, fire-proof container.

Those of you interested in buying Veve's OMI coin, you can do so through

Brainchip, Inc. is at 87 cents on the American OTCQX. Do you white niggers want to buy it now, or when it is at $1.70 again?
STEP 1: Open up a brokerage/trading online account through a financial services company like Wells Fargo, Schwab, Merrill Edge, Fidelity, etc.
STEP 2: Type in "BRCHF" in the search box of your online account.
STEP 3: Purchase as many shares in "BRCHF" as you want.

BrainChip, Inc. price now at $1.26 on the Australian exchange ASX. Expect the price to go up 10 cents on the American OTCQX by the end of the trading day.
Understand this Team White: Automotive is just ONE of many industries that BrainChip's Akida technology is disrupting/will disrupt.

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