"A serious young gun, Dylan St. Clair, says he’s getting weird vibes from CZ of binance.us. I don't see that but…as I've said, don't leave your coins on exchanges."
-Alex Linder

Hey Team White,
Have you forgotten about your duty to buy Bitcoin?
Get your crypto off of exchanges too. Good time to buy more crypto. Think about what Team White could do if it had millions, billions or trillions in Bitcoin.
1) buy politicians
2) hire professionals
3) go our own way

Bitcoin (BTC) - $17K

Vechain (VET) - 2 cents

Cardano (ADA) - 33 cents

VeThor (VTHO) - $0.001

Ecomi (OMI) - $0.00091

ZOG arranging a meeting to talk with bitcoin miners would be like Henry Hill meeting with Jimmy Conway at the diner in Goodfellas.
"ZOG had never asked me to conserve electricity before, and now it's asking me to reduce my carbon footprint. That's when I knew bitcoin would never survive."

Krugman stated early this year, "Bitcoin plays into a fantasy of self-sufficient individualism, of protecting your family with your personal AR-15, treating your Covid with an anti-parasite drug or urine and managing your financial affairs with privately created money, untainted by institutions like governments or banks." ("Guns, Germs, Bitcoin and the Antisocial Right") (January 31, 2022)
Do you White niggers see a pattern?

What will the prices of Vechain, Cardano, Omi, Hex, PulseX and BrainChip, Inc. be in 10 years?
Bitcoin Magazine @bitcoinmagazine
RT @bitcoinmagazine
FUN FACT: 10 years ago today, the price was $10

Saylor being sued by nigger Attorney General in D.C. for tax evasion. Politically motivated?

Should those of us who own Bitcoin cut our losses, cash out now and invest in PulseX as soon as it is launched?
Should we be concerned about future inflation bugs, and the potential Jewing of the bitcoin miners and programmers?
Is it safe to assume that if the miners and programmers can alter the supply of Bitcoin, then it will be Jewed at some point in the future?

This is a VERY valuable debate, from both sides. I see why Alex likes this guy. It's hard not to like him. Heart comes across as arrogant (not necessarily a bad thing entirely), but his arrogance is earned. Besides being knowledgeable and articulate, he has years worth of hands-on experience in cryptocurrency.
Beyond that, he has created hex and pulse.

Computing giant Samsung's 3nm mining chip will be 45% more power efficient.
My hunch is that, Brainchip, Inc. must be involved with this considering they have the only neuromorphic chip available on the market which reduces power down to millionths of a watt or to thousandths of a watt. The CEO Sean Hehir has specifically cited Brainchip's Akida technology being an accelerator and a power saving tool for bitcoin miners.

All you White niggers should have a few hundred bucks to throw at OMI. Buy it. Forget about it for a couple of years. Then check back. Or, you can waste those few hundred dollars on liquor and Ralph Lauren suits. To buy OMI, set up an account with COINBASE.

Buy BrainChip (BRCHF) shares now at $1.40 (was 31c in Oct.) and use future profits to buy Bitcoin.

"Bitcoin is truth." -Greg Foss
To the uninformed, this statement might sound silly and overly simplistic. But to the well-informed, it is profound.

Imagine having enough bitcoin where you can use your own name on Team White without fear of being financially ruined.

Bitcoin at $48K.
Vechain at 0.09 cents.
Vethor at 0.0069 cents.
Cardano at $1.38.
OMI at 0.005 cents.

Bitcoin now at $53K.
Vechain at 10 cents.
Vethor at 0.007 cents.
Cardano at $1.51.
OMI at nice dip 0.006 cents.

Imagine having enough Bitcoin to pay a small army. Imagine stealing the money power from the Jews without firing a shot.

Bitcoin (BTC) - $57K
Vechain (VET) - $0.12
Cardano (ADA) - $1.59
VeThor (VTHO) - $0.0084
Ecomi (OMI) - $0.0056


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