"A serious young gun, Dylan St. Clair, says he’s getting weird vibes from CZ of binance.us. I don't see that but…as I've said, don't leave your coins on exchanges."
-Alex Linder

Hey Team White,
Have you forgotten about your duty to buy Bitcoin?
Get your crypto off of exchanges too. Good time to buy more crypto. Think about what Team White could do if it had millions, billions or trillions in Bitcoin.
1) buy politicians
2) hire professionals
3) go our own way

Bitcoin (BTC) - $17K

Vechain (VET) - 2 cents

Cardano (ADA) - 33 cents

VeThor (VTHO) - $0.001

Ecomi (OMI) - $0.00091

ZOG arranging a meeting to talk with bitcoin miners would be like Henry Hill meeting with Jimmy Conway at the diner in Goodfellas.
"ZOG had never asked me to conserve electricity before, and now it's asking me to reduce my carbon footprint. That's when I knew bitcoin would never survive."

"These administrations [like Biden's] tend to bury very important things in bureaucracy."
-Charles Hoskinson

Hope all of you have taken your crypto off of exchanges and put them onto a hard wallet.

Krugman stated early this year, "Bitcoin plays into a fantasy of self-sufficient individualism, of protecting your family with your personal AR-15, treating your Covid with an anti-parasite drug or urine and managing your financial affairs with privately created money, untainted by institutions like governments or banks." ("Guns, Germs, Bitcoin and the Antisocial Right") (January 31, 2022)
Do you White niggers see a pattern?

Saylor being sued by nigger Attorney General in D.C. for tax evasion. Politically motivated?

Beyond safely storing your recovery phrase in a non-digital format (paper, or engraved in a metal plate) in a fireproof, waterproof box, I would recommend memorizing it. Yes, it may take some effort to remember 12 to 24 words in order, but it would be worth it as an extra layer of security. If you can memorize lots of trivial data like sports statistics and movie quotes, you can surely memorize a dozen or so words linked to your financial freedom.

REMINDER to all you White niggers:
Transfer ALL of your crypto assets to an offline ledger wallet. If an exchange like E-toro (Israeli-run) or Binance (registered in Cayman Islands by a chink) gets shuts down, then YOUR MONEY is gone.
As others have said, if you (and ONLY you) don't possess your keys, then they are not your coins.

This may not mean much, but I'm just sharing this.
"Hex is approved for, I believe, the largest US credit card onramp, which is called Simplex, out of Israel." -Richard Heart

There are videos and articles online about Richard Heart (real name Schueler?) being a scam artist. They claim he was a spam king 20 years ago, and some other libelous things. I don't know enough to have an opinion yet, but I do know Heart never runs from accusations or questions. He directly addresses them. That's a sign of conviction and confidence, in my opinion.
See below.

This is a 3-hour segment worth its time in gold that was broadcast live on Christmas 2021. Richard Heart answers all kinds of questions and criticisms from viewers in the live feed.

One of Heart's sayings is, "People just stay stupid." Wise words.

"All hex is, is bitcoin with proof of work change. Instead of paying people to destroy the environment, we pay them to hold the price up. We give inflation to stakers to hold the price up."
-Richard Heart

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