The holohoax is a dishonest simulacrum of the Jew-German struggle in the 30s and 40s.

"Not one single page of German wartime documents talks about gas chambers or killing people with gas."
-David Irving, Real History Conference in 1990s

Doug Christie: "Do you have literally any physical evidence of these supposed gas chambers?"

Raul Hilberg: "Gee I’m just pulling a blank here. I mean I don’t know what to say. I’m stumped. I just, gosh, not really sure there is any evidence.”

"At bottom, the entire race is just as sham as their beloved imaginary hyperprofitable ‘holocaust’."
-Alex Linder

We need a "I stand with Ursula Haverbeck" profile badge so the facebook/instagram idiots can actually know and possibly care that people are being locked up for having an opinion in Europe.

It's amazing what one discovers while doing research. At the 1:52:35 mark, isn't this Jared Taylor's voice? Thoughts? Opinions? Anyone?

Would it not be poetic justice for Jews to be exterminated in actual gas chambers, since they have been lying about fake chambers since the 1940s?
I realize that not questioning the claims of Christianity is as insane as not questioning the claims of the Holohoax. It's the same mentality. At the 56:52 mark, a southern Christian woman scorns Bradley for questioning the Holohoax by postulating, "You're athiest, aren't ya? That's why you don't believe anything. If you don't believe in God, you ain't got nothing." A cold shiver runs down my back when witnessing the dangerously stupid.

This is a near perfect microcosm of the modern world. Honest, logical Aryans (Leuchter & Bradley) trying to awaken ignorant, gullible arrogant goyim (journalist Jerry Williams and deceived American veterans) with the lying, clever Jew getting in the way.

HOLOHOAX=lots and lots and lots of lies of all shapes and sizes; repeated, repackaged, repurposed and revised every decade to illiterate sheeple.

Sink the Battleship Auschwitz!
Memorize key points and repeat them to open minds. Implant seeds of doubt in the programmed sheeple.

A major point to memorize and repeat to everyone is,
"Information about the number and size of gas chambers in each camp rests not on documentation but on recollection of witnesses."
-Raul Hilberg, The Destruction of the European Jews (1985, 2003 editions)

This is worth repeating a thousand times.
-Raul Hilberg, The Destruction of the European Jews (1985, 2003 editions)

These last few years I have been researching the Holohoax and watching revisionist documentaries. These revisionists who take the time to investigate, document and assemble the video presentations are heroes. They were outraged, like me, that so many lies could be believed by so many for so long. In summation, the Holohoax story is a flat playing card which looks like a brick. Remember this scene from My Cousin Vinny?