"Not one single page of German wartime documents talks about gas chambers or killing people with gas."
-David Irving, Real History Conference in 1990s

An overlooked tragic result of the BIG JEW LYING and TRUTH REVERSAL on Adolf Hitler is that tens of millions of white-skins lived their whole lives never knowing about the real Adolf Hitler, and thus were deprived of knowledge that might have inspired and motivated them to pursue more meaningful lives.

Doug Christie: "Do you have literally any physical evidence of these supposed gas chambers?"

Raul Hilberg: "Gee I’m just pulling a blank here. I mean I don’t know what to say. I’m stumped. I just, gosh, not really sure there is any evidence.”

"At bottom, the entire race is just as sham as their beloved imaginary hyperprofitable ‘holocaust’."
-Alex Linder

"That's the thing. They had 47 steel columns in the middle of that thing. And there's no way in hell that that wouldn't have survived in some way, shape or form. But no. It all neatly came down in nice little 30-foot packages that could be immediately carted off and sold to Asia for scrap metal."
-Alex Linder, Goyfire #55 (2008)

"As the most popular hero of the Second World War, Patton would have been unbeatable in a presidential race. This was the reason his skulking enemies ordered his execution before he could leave Germany."

"IN DECEMBER 1945 General George S. Patton was executed by his Communist foes. General Patton was struck down the day before he was scheduled to make a triumphant return to the United States. He had just been removed from his command of the Third Army, which was in charge of governing the American sector of Germany — because he not only opposed the dismemberment of Germany, but also because he favored military action against the Communists."

I bought a copy of Hitler's Table Talk when I was 19 or 20 years old. This book (collection of informal conversations between Hitler and his inner circle and dinner guests) is a 1000 milligram red pill. I'm feeling really motivated to start recording it as soon as the summer begins.

"Whoever exalts race, or the people, or the State, or a particular form of State, or the depositories of power, or any other fundamental value of the human community..."

For Christians, "the human community" includes all "featherless bipeds" (as Pierce said). For Jews, "the human community" refers to only Jews because they believe "only Jews are human beings" (as the Talmud says).

Here is a link to "MIT BRENNENDER SORGE", which Alex recommends reading. It really does show, as Alex has pointed out before, that the Church saw National Socialism (and sees racialism) as a serious competitor to its power and influence.

It's amazing what one discovers while doing research. At the 1:52:35 mark, isn't this Jared Taylor's voice? Thoughts? Opinions? Anyone?

Think about why you never see Hitler speaking on television for more than a few seconds uninterrupted. You might actually get an impartial, objective perspective when you compare what he is claiming with the documentary evidence.

Would it not be poetic justice for Jews to be exterminated in actual gas chambers, since they have been lying about fake chambers since the 1940s?

This is a near perfect microcosm of the modern world. Honest, logical Aryans (Leuchter & Bradley) trying to awaken ignorant, gullible arrogant goyim (journalist Jerry Williams and deceived American veterans) with the lying, clever Jew getting in the way.

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