This is a VERY valuable debate, from both sides. I see why Alex likes this guy. It's hard not to like him. Heart comes across as arrogant (not necessarily a bad thing entirely), but his arrogance is earned. Besides being knowledgeable and articulate, he has years worth of hands-on experience in cryptocurrency.
Beyond that, he has created hex and pulse.

Team White:
After you buy your crypto (whether it's OMI on, vechain on, cardano, bitcoin, hex, etc), be sure to transfer it to an offline cold storage ledger wallet. This way, it is safer in your own hands. Just don't lose the keys. Write down the passwords by hand and don't store them digitally. Store the ledger wallet and the paper with handwritten passwords in a safe place. Maybe consider a water-proof, fire-proof container.

Team White needs to understand who's attacking crypto and why.
Short, helpful video (thanks Alex). Who's Trying To Kill Crypto!? Watch These 5 Organisations!!

Any Whites trying to make some passive income, you might want to look into drop-shipping. Shopify is a good tool to set up your own store. I'll post more on this later.

If want to upload videos and not worry about a Jew filter, join this site.

Nathan was a young 24 year-old White man who was shot by a feral nigger a month before his first child was born. He was shot while on a morning walk. The website reads, "On the morning of April 1st, 2014, Nathan was called to HEAVEN. Nathan was on his morning walk when he was mugged and shot to death." Christianity really is an evasion from reality. So, HEAVEN called Nathan by making a nigger mug and kill him?

The Big Lie about Hitler being the most evil man who ever lived is the linchpin of all other major lies of our era. These include lies about history, WWII, holohoax, race, sex and Jews.

I'm going to try stevia today, as per Alex's advice. I must admit that I love two packs of sugar in my coffee in the morning. But let's see what happens when I remove that from my dietary regimen.

If you White niggers think that having money is a weakness, you're wrong. Wise investments result in profits, which enable us to buy bitcoin. The Jews have more money per capita than any other group. How weak are they? How powerful are they?

The same way Jews harp on Kristallnacht and its date November 9, 1938 (which was an anomaly and provoked by Jewish behavior), we must harp on Channon Christian/Christopher Newsom in Knoxville and its date January 6, 2007 (which is the NORM and was UNPROVOKED).

I hereby declare JANUARY 6th as Team White's Day of Remembrance for all White victims of Black crime, in memory of Channon Christian (21 years old) and Christopher Newsom (23 years old) who were horrifically raped, tortured and murdered on that day in 2007 in Knoxville, Tennessee. We will choose another day for Remembrance for all White victims of Mestizo crime, Indian, Asian, Jewish.

January 6th is our Day of Remembrance for the horrific rape, torture and murder of Channon Christian (21 years old) and Christopher Newsom (23 years old), taking place in Knoxville, Tennessee in 2007. This atrocity is indicative of the evil system that has enabled millions of hush crimes like this and has covered them up since Jew-backed forced integration. Never forget. Never forgive.

The A.I. software company NVISO has an INTERNET-based software which consumes 23.8 megabytes for 15 milliseconds to perform a specific task.

After being optimized by Brainchip's Akida technology (NO INTERNET REQUIRED), it performed that task at a mere 150 kilobytes for ONE millisecond.

Do you understand the significance and implications of this energy-saving, time-saving, money-making advantage for every industry on the planet?

According to, they have 63 employees. They have been hiring since at least November 2021, when they moved their U.S. headquarters to a space four times as large in Laguna Hills, California for their commercialization phase. See article at this link:

STEP 1: Open up a brokerage/trading online account through a financial services company like Wells Fargo, Schwab, Merrill Edge, Fidelity, etc.
STEP 2: Type in "BRCHF" in the search box of your online account.
STEP 3: Purchase as many shares in "BRCHF" as you want.

Mercedes Vision EQXX electric car PLUS Brainchip's Akida chip EQUALS 750 miles (1,200 km) on a single charge.
How many more car companies will now be interested in Brainchip's patented, ultra-low power, first-to-market, neuromorphic system-on-chip? Think about it.
Buy shares now you White niggers.
Ticker is BRCHF on the OTCQX.

"We think that the shift of A.I. processing out of the data center that we are trying to accomplish to the device is very similar to the computing revolution that occurred when Intel shifted computing off the mainframe and onto the pc. We really believe that Akida will make this happen."
-Brainchip CFO Ken Scarince

Another prescient point for Team White is that this technology can facilitate Bitcoin's "off the grid" functionality. By eliminating a need for connection to the internet, Brainchip's Akida chip solves the internet/bandwidth dependency problem of other A.I.

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