"Typical conservatism: any kind of racialism or white nationalism is excluded from the conversation while he natters on about free speech. but if you cant criticize jews which includes telling truth about race then you are no differnt from MSM no matter your funding model. and is twitter actually financially stable? the story here continues to be jews deplatforming everyone else, trying to create a global slave state."
-A. Linder

"once you understand the holocaust is a big lie, you should turn the same reasoning that led you to discover that fact to the myths that are (((christianity))."
- Alex Linder

"The forces doing battle are JEWS (100% conscious of their mission plans agenda, etc) and WHITES (99.9% unaware another species is trying to wipe them out; aware only of dis- or half-connected bad things going on around them; the very purpose of this site is to turn that .1 into 1 into 10 into 100%). jews must exterminated for Whites to exist, let alone flourish. tell a friend." -Alex Linder

Hitler had his amanuensis (Rudolf Hess).
Team White needs a-man-to-free-us.

"also, your manager — or you if you’re a manager — have your pay and promotions tied to promoting niggers and other incompetents. sick stuff. try to work for yourself if you possibly can. or be an independent contractor. but however you draw your income, invest it wisely."
-Alex Linder

"This is not an acceptable situation in which we are being slaughtered and silenced in the civilization our people built. That's not acceptable. It's jews doing this to us cause were White. They hate us because they fear us because we create people who are able to see what they're doing and fight back. They want people to have an IQ under 100 and be excitable, stupid discolored. If they destroy the genetic basis of the White race, they've won."
-Alex Linder


"My own awakening... I used to be a complete zombie myself until about ten years after 9-11."
"Anyone who comes out of this deeply contaminated state will have a completely different attitude and outlook to everything they see going on around us. Then, our instincts will lead us to do what needs to be done to get this resolved."
-Alfred Schaefer

-Alfred Schaefer
Jew religion is a CCPM.

"The line of conduct followed by the Jew is not a religion. It's a code of conduct for psychopathic monsters."
-Alfred Schaefer

"To think that by working together with the Jew, he's going to say 'thank you' [to you]. I'll tell you how the Jew said thank you to the Americans for helping to bomb the shit out of Germany for resisting the Jew World Order. They did a little 9-11 and now they're flooding your country with all the surplus darkskin people that this planet has to offer. And the same goes for England."
-Alfred Schaefer

"This is not a political problem. It is species doing battle. What they're doing is a racial, biological attack on our species."
-Alex Linder

"We are in a war, and the biggest thing that is extremely important for us to do is name our enemy...the Jews."
-Monika Schaefer

"Do not imagine that the people will forever go with the middle party, the party of compromises; one day it will turn to those who have most consistently foretold the coming ruin and have sought to dissociate themselves from it."
-Adolf Hitler (April 12, 1922)
Remember, we on Team White have been consistently right about everything from the unnecessary Iraq War to Covid clotshots.

An overlooked tragic result of the BIG JEW LYING and TRUTH REVERSAL on Adolf Hitler is that tens of millions of white-skins lived their whole lives never knowing about the real Adolf Hitler, and thus were deprived of knowledge that might have inspired and motivated them to pursue more meaningful lives.

Their recruitment tactic seems to aim to vet for quality people. This is encouraging. If they are also aiming to filter out Christ-cucks, that would be promising. On the join page,
they ask:
What skills can you offer?*
Why do you want to join?*
Religious Beliefs*
Do you have any issues with substance abuse or use illegal drugs?
Have you read the manifesto?*

If you White niggers want to improve your vocabulary, then read Revilo Oliver, E. Michael Jones and John Murray Cuddihy.

In five years, I'd like to see members of Team White rich in crypto and living in Richard Heart's new island country.

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