"A serious young gun, Dylan St. Clair, says he’s getting weird vibes from CZ of binance.us. I don't see that but…as I've said, don't leave your coins on exchanges."
-Alex Linder

"We can win. And if we come together, we will win."
-Alex Linder

Regarding men's low levels of testosterone:
"Notice there seems to be no interest in studying this. takeaway for Whites is avoid pills and plastic as much as possible. use glass to drink out of. stay away from processed foods (everything in boxes in middle of store). 'principles protect people.' these are valid principles."
-Alex Linder

Hey Team White,
Are you well-informed about the following, and more importantly, do you know how to protect yourself against these unraveling phenomena?
-ESG Score
-Cricket Flour
-Minor-Attracted Persons
-Possible Nuclear War

Hey Team White,
Have you forgotten about your duty to buy Bitcoin?
Get your crypto off of exchanges too. Good time to buy more crypto. Think about what Team White could do if it had millions, billions or trillions in Bitcoin.
1) buy politicians
2) hire professionals
3) go our own way

Bitcoin (BTC) - $17K

Vechain (VET) - 2 cents

Cardano (ADA) - 33 cents

VeThor (VTHO) - $0.001

Ecomi (OMI) - $0.00091

Ok Team White, if you're worried about being a potential victim of a possible Putin strike, here's a website which allows you to simulate nuking any city in the world. It shows you the projected blast radius and likely fatalities and damage. Really scary, but valuable information if you want to avoid being incinerated.

Hey White man,
Buying BrainChip, Inc. shares (BRCHF) is like investing in Microsoft before anyone knew about it. Bill Gates is a scumbag genius, and he was right when he said in 2004, "If you invent a breakthrough in artificial intelligence, so machines can learn, that is worth 10 Microsofts."

BrainChip is already selling its disruptive neuromorphic chip technology, & has first mover advantage over its competitors Intel, IBM, NVIDIA & Google.

Does anyone know who runs goyimtv.tv, and how to contact them? There is no contact info on the site. I have been trying to a video on there without success.

Beyond safely storing your recovery phrase in a non-digital format (paper, or engraved in a metal plate) in a fireproof, waterproof box, I would recommend memorizing it. Yes, it may take some effort to remember 12 to 24 words in order, but it would be worth it as an extra layer of security. If you can memorize lots of trivial data like sports statistics and movie quotes, you can surely memorize a dozen or so words linked to your financial freedom.

You Whites who want to earn some passive income should consider dropshipping. Here's how to do it.

This is a VERY valuable debate, from both sides. I see why Alex likes this guy. It's hard not to like him. Heart comes across as arrogant (not necessarily a bad thing entirely), but his arrogance is earned. Besides being knowledgeable and articulate, he has years worth of hands-on experience in cryptocurrency.
Beyond that, he has created hex and pulse.

Team White:
After you buy your crypto (whether it's OMI on www.gate.io, vechain on binance.com, cardano, bitcoin, hex, etc), be sure to transfer it to an offline cold storage ledger wallet. This way, it is safer in your own hands. Just don't lose the keys. Write down the passwords by hand and don't store them digitally. Store the ledger wallet and the paper with handwritten passwords in a safe place. Maybe consider a water-proof, fire-proof container.

Team White needs to understand who's attacking crypto and why.
Short, helpful video (thanks Alex). Who's Trying To Kill Crypto!? Watch These 5 Organisations!!

Any Whites trying to make some passive income, you might want to look into drop-shipping. Shopify is a good tool to set up your own store. I'll post more on this later.

If want to upload videos and not worry about a Jew filter, join this site.

Nathan was a young 24 year-old White man who was shot by a feral nigger a month before his first child was born. He was shot while on a morning walk. The website reads, "On the morning of April 1st, 2014, Nathan was called to HEAVEN. Nathan was on his morning walk when he was mugged and shot to death." Christianity really is an evasion from reality. So, HEAVEN called Nathan by making a nigger mug and kill him?

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