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The adversary is there to show what's wrong with us. What do we learn from looking at jews?

We learn that too many Whites are on the mental and character level of niggers. Maybe less disorganized-violent than niggers, but much more organized-violent than niggers.

Whites are willing to believe things that arent true. Willing to believe things posited by their worst enemy. Willing to fight and die on laughable pretexts provided by their worst enemy.

And that's just for starters.

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If you dont have the character to call things what they are, then any participation of yours in politics serves to confuse, mislead, and undermine the good guys.

If you're a conservative -- hence coward -- the best thing you can do politically is shut up. True story.

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The right are cucks. The left are criminals. That's what (((respectable politics))) means.

and joint declaration.

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the more you tell the truth, the stronger you become. it's measurable in the way that you feel - tucker carlson

That's why White Nationalism is the ONLY psychologically healthy politics for White men.

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" Let me ask you:
Do you think the media and government -just- started lying and covering things up? Been going of for decades.
Fake news becomes Fake history. The Germans were the good guys, and you were sold 6 millions lies "

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if you believe in either the holocaust or the jew jesus tales, you're not using your mind correctly

it really is almost funny, if it werent for the consequences, to see these clowns toggle back and forth between rationality and mindpoop

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Salvation is not from the jews but from the jew-aware.

I'll let Alex have first dibs on mocking the following statement.

"I’m 5′, 178 lbs., and a 38DDD – I’m far from perfect but I’m proud of my body, I love seeing women with similar figures."

"Typical conservatism: any kind of racialism or white nationalism is excluded from the conversation while he natters on about free speech. but if you cant criticize jews which includes telling truth about race then you are no differnt from MSM no matter your funding model. and is twitter actually financially stable? the story here continues to be jews deplatforming everyone else, trying to create a global slave state."
-A. Linder

"once you understand the holocaust is a big lie, you should turn the same reasoning that led you to discover that fact to the myths that are (((christianity))."
- Alex Linder

"The forces doing battle are JEWS (100% conscious of their mission plans agenda, etc) and WHITES (99.9% unaware another species is trying to wipe them out; aware only of dis- or half-connected bad things going on around them; the very purpose of this site is to turn that .1 into 1 into 10 into 100%). jews must exterminated for Whites to exist, let alone flourish. tell a friend." -Alex Linder

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just as the 'holocaust' lies should make you question the jesus sci fi

so should tranny mutilation make you question circumcision

celebrates mental fitness.

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another way of looking at the world

could say 98% are normal; 2% abnormal. w/o jews, the 2% can be neutralized.

or you could say 95% are benign-tumor leftists called conservative/xdogs, a few percent are active-cancer leftists; and maybe 2-3% are the actual non-leftists in whose heads all actual technical and idea-progress originates.

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Forced charades begins in the church, and the church began in the synagogue.

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@didymus she doesnt need your love; she has herself. everythign in pop music is arranged to make women feel their bad choices were good ones. that's barely an exaggeration.

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If you think there's any reason other than CHRISTIANITY that North America didnt end up the white continent, you're nuts.

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i am seeing a gratifying spread of the analytically & aryanically correct idea that jews must be exterminated as opposed to trifled with, moralized about, or dialogued from. or moved to alleged off-african islands where lemurs lick, lunge and lounge. keep it up....

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