After 50 years of being a "Conservative" activist, and now looking back at those failures, if there is one book I could teleport back to my younger self to read when I was 20, it would be Oliver's "Education of a Conservative," and if there were one video I could send to my 20-year-old self to watch, it would be "After 50 Years." (just posting this to see what the link looks like on Mastodon - will post the text in a moment to compare)

What do you guys think of the "National Justice Party"? I confess I do not have a firm grip on what to think of "TRS" and/or "Fash the Nation" or this new group.

Sounds like Free Speech Extremists is another possible Mastodon instance to join. Are there any other instances that people here tend to prefer? I have been relying on Gab so I have almost forgotten how direct messaging works, but a reply by direct message would be fine too.

I am wondering if anyone knows if he is posting elsewhere because his collection of movies was unmatched and they were fascinating to see. If anyone knows if he relocated elsewhere I would appreciate them posting. Here was his profile:

I had one more reason for popping in here tonight. For the last two years I have looked forward every saturday to see a new post from an account on Bitchute which was posting German feature movies from the 1933-1945 period. They were excellent works of art in many cases. But apparently he was banned last week.

Hello - I have been missing seeing posts from Alex Linder on Gab, so I signed tonigh back into Pieville and see he is posting away. Has Alex dropped off Gab or been banned?