So Gov Abbot ships off Mexicans to different states and helping them relocate instead of sending them back to their third world shit hole, and retarded boomers and patting him on the back for this? Here’s an idea drive the bus off a fucking cliff instead.
@lichelordgodfrey @MelGibsonafter4Beers True alot of our guys support him due to being unaware of the fact that he's basically an antifa who doxed the BNP membership list and their private info and pretty much ruined many innocent Nationalists lives, effectively contributing to the destruction of the BNP.

He did similiar things to other Nationalists org's aswell if i remember correctly. The thing with him and the US might be BS but he's still a scum bag for what he did and frankly karma's a bitch.
@lichelordgodfrey @MelGibsonafter4Beers @Folkish_National_Socialist He legit doxed some of my boys that were in the BNP. Fuck that nigga. How did serving ZOG serve you in the end Jules?

TTOR - The Register Promotes Censorship Of ''Toxic'' People On (((GitHub)))

Video -

Video - -

-Register -code
-it-down -Criticism

Oh look it’s another “leftists blame rednecks for problems caused by niggers” episode.

Microsoft ❤️ Open Source*

* Free labor they can exploit and resell at a premium

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