So while the mempool looks like this, with 42k transactions waiting, I was able to send a lightning transaction instantly.

Lightning tx fee: 2.2c on a $60 USD transaction

Who said lightning doesn't work?

@stephanlivera I did. Fuck lightning, layer 2 is gay as shit, and bluewallet is megagay.
The fact that there doesn't seem to be a standard method for checking out of lightning is ????? though that may just be bluewallet being bluewallet again. Hopefully I never have to deal with it ever again.
"You must make a deposit to open a channel" is the retarded kind of gatekeeping, and that's not a bluewallet issue.
@Zerglingman @stephanlivera Unironically start using HAM radio to send bitcoin at this point. Binance can't squirrel my bitcoin away with pirate radio.

@Telvannichad @stephanlivera @Zerglingman

Check out LORA for offgrid radio texting 1-5km without a single tower

@charliebrownau @stephanlivera @Telvannichad I still need to grab a stack of lora boards. I got put onto it via meshtastic which seems like a handy thing to have installed. Just in case.

@Zerglingman @stephanlivera @Telvannichad

Also check out FRS and GPRS

Yes a few DIY LORA communications boards will be needed for the road ahead

its only going to get WORSE

We need to prepare and find non system solutions asap

NEVER rely on
Central banks

They are the problem
never the solution

@charliebrownau @Telvannichad @stephanlivera
>on the 2G and 3G cellular communication network's global system
>Australia has no 2G and 3G is phasing out between now and 2025
FRS seems handy.
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