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If we as British people can turn up to support Tommy Robinson, we can turn up to support a woman who is also being silenced and imprisoned by the corrupt courts of this country.

Support @AJCTmuse on January 10th 2020 - because we're next.

#Support #British #FreedomOfSpeech


A Cogent Case for Nationalism
~ ~ ~ John Vinson - The Social Contract

The struggle between globalism and nationalism is moving to center stage as a key issue of the modern world. At stake is whether historic nations will be allowed to exist or whether they will be subsumed into a world ruling state.


Earl Turner resliced

Made it to Chapter 25. I am really, really impressed.

Raspail, as rendered by Norman Shapiro, is telling an impersonal seaborne invasion narrative akin to The Longest Day, suffused with a Lovecraftian horror and doom.

The lead-up to the landing is like the description of the plague in The Stand, but the writing is so much better. Never have I read a story where for a theme, and so strong a one, the author chose... cowardice. And such a pessimistic, scornful, yet supernatural tale; fittingly for a novel starring an armada of Indians, recalls V. S. Naipaul, too.

Will Raspail misstep, or, simply as literature, will this become one of my very favorite books? Reminder: Available direct from Social Contract Press. thesocialcontract.com/bookstor #JeanRaspail #TheCampOfTheSaints #SocialContractPress #novels #fiction #literature #books

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Noel Ignatiev, the Jewish professor who gained notoriety as founder of the journal 'Race Traitor', has died. Good riddance.

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Earl Turner resliced

i dont doubt richard spencer's intentions. i think he is what he 'presented' as. i do think alt-right is misconceived, as it drags moss of confusion over what must be (and is) set before our whiteskin brothers as a race war - JEW, the enemy, vs WHITE, the real us

UNCOVERED: The Lies They're Teaching British Schoolchildren
~ ~ ~ Laura Towler


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Prince Harry 'wants to leave UK entirely and would love to move to Africa' Well piss off then Don't let us stop you?

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