>Andrew Glenn Perrine’s employment has been terminated by Congregation B’nai Emunah Preschool

Jew caught with cp and up skirt photos of teenagers gets booked at an Oklahoma Yeshiva. Immediately released on $50,000 bond.


I move that after our victory, and a future for children has been secured, that we classify obese "people" as a separate species. They carry far too many fat cells -let alone a total disregard for their own bodies- to be considered "people".

If niggers were to rape all white americans the vast majority of these whites would be more inclined to sell the video footage to blacked.com for a quick profit than draw any HATEful conclusions form their zoophilic experience.

Point out the inherent kikery of esther/ samson/ delilah and they'll respond "That's the old testament! The new testament rendered the old obsolete!"
Are the ten commandments to be abandoned then? Or do you just get to pick and choose form both the old and new testaments what you do and don't like?

It's a mistake to believe that christians have read or even understand their big book o' kikeshit. As far as I can tell, the vast majority simply scan the pages and highlight whatever passage blows the greatest amount of smoke up their kike owned asses. "If things are wrong pray to jesus and they'll get better" "Jesus loves you even though you're a colossal fuckup" etc.

HATE resliced

Oklahoma is second only to Alaska politically speaking.
>half the state gets turned over to savages to save a baby fucking peado

scorched earth or your a peado

Lyrics from a popular rap diddy

>what the fuck you thankin nigga what the fuck you stankin nigga


Anytime a nigger does something a white man thinks to himself "What is this coon thinking!?" Upon his approach towards the coon to find out what the animal is up to a pulsating odorant strikes his thalamus. He exalts "Good god! Did this fucking nigger bathe in a portajohn? Jesus Christ!"

If whites are not allowed a stake on this earth then we ought not leave anything left of it for our conquerors.

>Today, 75% of Japanese women are kissless, overworked and barren. They are wasting their youth slaving away exploited inside a corporate Groundhog Day nightmare for nothing.

Proof that an ethno state is not enough. Jews, jewish law, jewish religion, jewish finance, jewish culture must also be removed. So basically, everything the US stands for must be destroyed.

Scorched earth or you're a jew.


Relying on whites for collective preservation is no smarter than relying on the system which has inoculated them.