Putin should just go ahead and nuke the western cities. Really, they are a cesspool of race treason and degeneracy.

Nothing blackpilled me more than the retardedness of the normie. Incredible what kind of jewish shit they just eat up.

hadrian resliced

One advantage they had was that there was no TV to brainwash the masses.

Sometimes I wonder if the stupidity of the masses were nearly breaking Hitler.

Glad that the mass of the Germans, made the right choice once.

Wish they would do it again.

The bigger the lie the more people believe it.

I hate it how fucking true this is.

I also heard that the church might have even faked large parts of our history. I have to check that out.

So many XT back then called NS not compatible with their jewsus cult.

Damn right they were.

Reading old writings from the NS era, I'm baffled how much local NatSoc groups were putting out their feelers to paganism.

Undeniably the third reich would have moved away from XT.

The biggest enemies of our race and over time you see traitors as the biggest threat.

Whites have lost their will to cause destruction to their enemies.

All these jewish trouble could have been prevented, now we are on the verge on complete slavery. Are white people really so gullible??

Why do libertarians insist so much on their guns?
They only want to use them against the government legally, so what's the point in having them?

Whites having a racial loyalty... Thats the crux of it. If we had it, I think we solve the jq in a week with the follow up of the rq....

I really believed that Tarrant's rampage would have led to another wave of copycats in 2020, but the coof stopped this.

hadrian resliced
Coca-Cola is right. We do need to be less white.

We need to start behaving like niggers and Muslims. When we're insulted or attacked, we need to respond with violence, destruction, and intimidation. Peaceful protests, faith in the legal system, and "trusting the plan" need to be wholly replaced with arson, bombings, shootings, and beheadings.

It's already 2 years. Reminder that this is how we should be

Thank you

What if the western states break apart? Will whites be able to form racial exclusive communities?

Can WNs take advantage of such a situation and build up their armies?

Goebbels mentioned that the jews and commies could have easily destroyed the NSDAP outlet in Berlin, during the founding stage. But they didn't took them seriously and when they did, they could defend against red terror.

Nowadays, they take you seriously in an instant.

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