Reading old writings from the NS era, I'm baffled how much local NatSoc groups were putting out their feelers to paganism.

Undeniably the third reich would have moved away from XT.

@hadrian Just look at the symbols they chose to use. They hated xt.

@hadrian The SS was almost entirely pagan at the higher levels, and Hitler was widely known within his inner circle to despise Christianity.

@Ricotta @hadrian Wasn't Rosenberg given the task to basically create some middle ground paganized/christianity mumbo jumbo??

@isol8 @hadrian Essentially. The plan was to replace the kike on a stick with Hitler, and slowly convert the German people away from Christianity and to a faith that revolved around the German people, their ancestors, and their nation instead, perhaps with a return to the old gods as the final destination.

Since the vast majority of Germans still identified as Christians, it was important to maintain the illusion that it was still Christianity, at least for the initial phase.
@Ricotta @isol8 @hadrian as far as I am concerned they are beyond saving by blood after reveling in the degradation of their German heritage and are damned to cattledom or destruction.

There are unfortunately no Germans. Only germs that must disinfected.

@Ricotta @hadrian also, I'm sure you're most likely aware, but Abir Tahas book provides a lot of incite into esoteric doctines.

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