"How can I help you?"

You can help me by leaving me alone.

Grave of the Fireflies 

Q: Where do the jews hide their money printer?

A: In debasement


Oh, right. Well... stick another fourteen hedgehogs in your sweater or something. It's all just mass.

your decisions led to your abominable condition

doing your best to better manage your damage is simply what you should be doing it isn’t praiseworthy

@Alex_Linder I wrote Hosky off a year or more ago when I heard him say he needed to invent Cardano in order to prevent the ecological disaster that would inevitable follow mass adoption of Bitcoin. I knew that was not true and I knew that if I knew it, he most certainly also knew it and had known it for a good long while. So, why did he continue?

@Alex_Linder I agree with you take on Keiser. I dislike Hosky so much that it's difficult for me to listen to him, and therefore am not familiar with arguments. I think he's a really smart guy who's so accustomed to being the smartest guy in the room that he couldn't bear the thought of "Satoshi" being unsurpassable. He had to try to invent the Next Bitcoin and that's never going to happen, so he continues to vainly bark around it's edges.

I have downloaded
the apes
that were in
the blockchain

and which
you were probably
hodling for gains

Forgive me
they were fungible
so bored
and so clickable

the problem with jews is not religious, it is racial

biology is the way to view jews - not religion

@MischievousTomato did you know its human nature to be racist. its very unnatural behavior to not be weary of your genetic differents

this is part of what 'clown world' means

it's always being right -- and basically anyone who follows me or whom i follow knows what i mean by that -- but never getting any credit. screw credit. any acknowledgement. it gives things a very floaty feeling. the opposite of gravitas.

but if you want to be right and have it mean something on the micro level, that's where crypto, specifically bitcoin, comes in

the best social policy is putting modest obstacles to education in front of women so the ones that really want it are doubly sure and fit. the rest -- the low, the average and the above average but lazy -- are driven back to motherhood, where their actually valuable contributions will come from 90% of the time.

@meowski You're not a powerful man if you have no power if the power goes off.

"joyous essence of being"
he put carpet tacks on the hammers of this piano to make it sound like a harpsichord and called it a harpsipiano. he also put wood blocks in his piano he played to stop the resonance of the keys. i think he's in his 20s here



how to

start with a basic sentence

8 gray figs on a plate dancing spuriously

now think of those words with a skewer thru them. the words are separated, on infinity-sided blocks that spin independently

think about what you're trying to do with each individual word in that sentence. what OTHER word could you use? this is sentence writing, which is redundant for actual writing.

writing at the paragraph level is CONSTRUCTION not real writing, just as the 100 yard dash is the only RACE.

the world demonstrably works by genocide. yet no religion except the racial one, judaism, follows god in this

christianity promotes the exact opposite.

christianity cannot be god's way if you believe god created the world, its nature, the way it works

again, this is logically undeniable

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