all that is necessary for jews and monkeys to triumph is for humans to do nothing

Georgia on my mind
The Jewish Standard
Barely seven decades earlier, Leo Frank had been shamefully convicted for a crime he didn't commit, and he was forcefully removed from prison and ...

100% lie. literally every single jew who mentions leo frank lies about this case. every single one.

when i say , there's nothing of the joke in it. it is strictly rational - if one seeks the continued existence of the race that produced the girl (((frank))) raped and murdered.

What should we do about this Thing trying to wipe us out.

That is the Very Perplexing .

"The advocates of democracy claim that it is no respecter of persons, but the real trouble is that it is no disrespecter of persons. This means that parliamentary government is not only a means whereby cattle become masters, but also whereby sick and degenerate cattle become masters, and everybody, however ill-informed, is led to think that he has a right to discuss any problem."

>go outside
>slip off porch fm icy snow, painful ass landing
>keys fly out of hand
> search 45m can not find
> stand around with ??? over head for many minutes
> almost start believing my fight was against principalities not physics (aka Devil done stole muh keys)
> last vile happening of 2020
> new good year starts
> driving down road w backup keys
> tab sticking out of wipers
> "Things can only get better" --Thompson Twins

focus on the troublemaker, not the trouble

be White, not conservative

being a woman is a job, and what's more, it's a job many women can handle

If we claim to hate (((central bankers))) but aren't HODLing BTC, 2021 is going to be the perfect year for us to put our money where our mouths are. Let's make our counter-semitism pay off big this year. God knows we deserve it.

@su Good thing they weren't horny marmots.
>most of them apparently think that humanity should be reduced in numbers 90%
They're not wrong.
Leftists think that Trump will be out of office in four and a half weeks, but the joke's on them. Jan. 20 2021 will never come because when December 31st ends we're going to January 1st 2020 II.

Some have argued that the source of jewish power lies in the monopolization of mass communication media. Some have argued that it inheres in the control of currency supplies.

Bitcoin may well provide an acid test of the latter thesis.

faith belongs in guns, not paper. the only thing in this world that holds most judges to the law is physical fear. without that, they fear not to raise the middle finger even to the president. nice System the left has put together. they ride herd on the majority, live off its earning while lecturing it.

I think people are evolutionarily driven to develop their talents. If you asked me why I spent like 8 hours a day reading or doing math from ages 10 to 20, I don't know what I would tell you other than it was satisfying.

Pretty women out waaalking with gorillas down my street.

This line wont leave my head AND I DONT WANT IT TO.

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