There is nothing deeply wrong with whites nor can there be. There's nothing deep about people. That's my opinion. My whole life, to give one example, i've carefully watched how people use the word 'love,' and i've never seen any indication of quality control. I personally dont use that word loosely. People are exactly as shallow as they appear to be. The problems whites have are EXTERNALLY caused, not internally. They are caused by jews who also prevent their being solved - by legal means.

Be the x percent. Whatever percent of white men that can rise above the shit and actually start to pull things towards our side. We don't need many.

When I was a kid the bread company had a sweepstakes. You had to complete a two word sentence and then you would win the amount on stated on the ticket. So let's say "brown 10k" "sugar 10k". I got my hands on one of these and I started to get excited. This is worth 5k my little piece here. What I realized almost immediately was that the company printed many many "brown 10k" tabs and (presumably very few) "sugar 10k" tabs. I was really struck by the deep dishonesty and outright hostility

The political dogma of equality (qualitative easing) is unsustainable under any monetary policy other than perpetual quantitative easing. Social credit score go brrr.

Buy Bitcoin.

my whole life i've hated forced participation

i love listening to these mob stories. they're all former criminals who regret it.

that's what they say. that's not what i hear.

i like to do a few things and then think about them. make patterns out of them. ponder whether those patterns are in my mind or real.

is the evolution of our kind. It is in no way about the preservation of xtians or any whiteskins who dont value their race.

ok a compromise. you try that super duper vaccine on a roadkill opposum. if it comes back to life i'm in

imagine a mynah bird telling a joke. then making a mike drop sound and hopping away. i think that would work.

@su When we did the Eagle Rock Loop up in Arkansas we had to bushwhack around a spot about 50 yards across where a tornado had touched down directly on the trail, breaking and twisting all the trees around ground zero into a crazy giant stick funnel.

When we finally got all the way around and found the trail again, there in the open sand was a single Luna moth like this, broken. It was one of the most poignant things I think I've ever seen.
@MaceDindu @Alex_Linder @applejack The Mexican government has no monopoly on violence and its police are incredibly ineffective at dealing with armed groups, because if they try they'll be shot and so will the their families and the politicians who ordered it. Such a status quo could be easily established here if radicalized white men stopped listening to crypto Jews on the internet and started actually doing something.

Every one of our enemies has a name and an address, and most people on both sides seem to forget that.

@TheIronHeart identity is external. you can assume it. be issued it. it's useful in this or that system. race is not an identity. it is something you are, like a cardinal or bluebird or white man. that FACT may be used as part of some external identity, as other facts are, for some purpose, typically related to record keeping, but calling it 'white identity' is trivializing race. hell, race is trivializing species. we are the white man, men and women. we are our own species.

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