christianity posits being a sheep as an ideal

eaten on one continent / defamed on another

2020 has been rough on non-horseshoe bats

let's focus on the real victims here: non-horseshoe bats

"Sussman – a Sussman is an unconscious Jew. In contrast to the conscious Jew and in particular the Jewish Esotericist, the Sussman has no keen awareness of the meanings encoded in JEM. Instead he is moralized by JEM in an unconscious manner, in much the manner Aryans are demoralized by JEM. While Jews, in general, are more attuned to ethnic conflict or more “racially aware” than Aryans, at least during periods when JEM predominates..."

" has to be assumed the Sussman or unconscious Jew comprises the main body of Jewry. The term is derived from the name of a character appearing in the 2009 Coen Brother’s film A Serious Man. There, esoterically, he is depicted as a Jew unwittingly killing or deactivating an Aryan Golem. The name means “Sweet man” and suggests the unthreatening, ingratiating face of Jewry’s unconscious members."

clean hands are the microbes' favorite hotel.

if you hands are dirty, the microbes will rest on the dirt, rather than your skin, where they might find openings for invasion.

jews have to be killed off. it's that simple. once you free yourself of the christian nonsense, jews arent a question at all. they're simply a parasite that preys on our people and must be destroyed. it's purely an orkin matter, morality has nothing to do with it.

Who wouldn't be looking forward to this future age of ICE?

"You can protect yourself by exercising, eating, and working as locally as possible. Keep your family home. Keep others away to avoid connections that might harm you in the future."

--- "Great pandemic advice."

"Huh? This is my immigration policy."

This makes sense, considering sauna use will kill bacteria, fungi, parasites and viruses and boost your immune function by increasing white blood cell, lymphocyte, neutrophil and basophil counts. As noted by DiNicolantonio,7 “prospective studies8 [show] that those who use a sauna ~2-3 times per week have a lower risk of getting colds, influenza and pneumonia.”

“Regular visits to the sauna significantly reduce the frequency and severity of influenza infections in children and adults. In athletes (medium-distance runners compared to untrained), the immune system is apparently more stimulable.

In the Second World War, among the Finns, confidence in the effects of saunas went so far that they were used as the main measure for preventing typhoid fever.”

Mercola: "Like the influenza virus, coronaviruses (as a general group) incubate in your sinuses for about three days10 before moving down into your lungs, and appears to be destroyed by temperatures around 133 degrees F (56 degrees Celsius), which is easily achieved in a sauna.

My sauna actually heats up to 170 degrees F. So, provided the virus has not yet reached your lungs, it’s quite possible that high heat in your nasal passages would destroy it."

your brain isnt there just to give your head that sexy watermelon shape


People are gonna look back at this year, and say, ya know, we should've been better, but hindsight is..2020

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