in my mind, we already won. it merely has to be demonstrated physically. i provided all the arguments and the correct style back in 2000. they now have to be deplatformed to ensure they dont win. since there's no marketplace of ideas because the (((other side))) will lose open debate, it becomes a marketplace of blood.

if we kill the jews, we will win. if we trifle pondering every other solution-that-aint, we will lose.

if we arent allowed to sell our wares in the marketplace of ideas, as froots go on about, maybe we can vend them in the marketplace of blood.

I really don't think "they tried to fuck with our DNA and make us eat bugs so we killed them all" is a thing our grandkids will think less of us for saying.

jesus was a shepherd. but not a german shepherd.

"the singlest greatest component of this health crisis are fat fucks, but nobody will mention that" --max keiser.


dont overly focus your eyes, you have to wade through the waves of scrubhumanity and whores until you find and focus on the one who's actually making the decisions and directing the operations. it's never more than a small group.

I just found out that I am in fact capable of picking the lock on a Freightliner Cascadia.

once you want the truth, you want it in everything. if you had "They Live" glasses, you would wear them 24/7, not just in spots.

Skull of 340 million-year-old amphibian with enormous fangs has been digitally reconstructed to show it hunted in the water like modern crocodiles

bitcoin is dry money. everything else is wet and it cant get dry cut it never stops raining. that's more how i think of it, easier to keep in mind

if you're doing bad things


if you make one mistake


(i posted this for my own benefit)

one day you're happily fishing one of the greatest places on earth, next day you're dead of flesh-eating disease

the next hitler wont be a gentleman. he wont bargain with jews, or even talk/listen to them. he'll simply explain to his people what is going on - and what needs to be done. he'll deliver the facts in a simple, non-emo, non moralo- manner that even English people can sort of understand. then he'll lead them to do the necessary.

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