This is no longer available on Youtube. Probably hasn't been for years.

Knoxville Patriot Rally 6-16-07 Pt. 3 - Alex Linder

"With Hitler you do not feel that you are with a man. You are with a medicine man, a form of spiritual vessel, a demi-deity, or even better, a myth. With Hitler you are scared. You know you would never be able to talk to that man; because there is nobody there. He is not a man, but a collective. He is not an individual, but a whole nation. I take it to be literally true that he has no personal friend. How can you talk intimately with a nation?"

- C.G. Jung on Hitler

depp is shat faming amber heard, that's just wrong

do you see any route back to white sovereignty that doesnt involve physically destroying mass media?

@JimmyMarr @Alex_Linder I don't know who that is but I'd pay to hear Mr Linder eviscerate anyone, it's the greatest

@JimmyMarr he's the least jew looking person i've ever seen. but that doesnt mean anything.

i'll take hoskinson > buterin

follow joel valenzuela on here, he lives crypto and has very long history in this stuff, lots of knowledge.

little white kid in kirksville holding a sign saying "racism is a sin"

you defending christianity are a functioning part of the enemy. whether you like it or not, that is an objective fact. that little kid, too young to know better, is at least doubly infected by jewish lies perpetrated on white people through the sick cult of the zombie jews and the lie that it, in conjunction with its other 2/3, created and loved The Holy Nigger.

@Someguy they had a rally in my town i somehow missed. little white kid holding up sign if you love god how can you hate his creations. so they do use the argument that niggers = God at work. a finished product, too! ought to bring god into disrepute, not the other way.

We would have a lot fewer problems if we actually lived up to the left's expectations and became the villains they believe we are.
@Ricotta The BLM thugs in particular have to know that everything they accuse White people of is false, because if we were half as "racist" and violent as they claim, there would currently be several forests' worth of trees adorned with nogs as if they were Christmas ornaments.

whites have spent literally trillions of dollars trying to turn niggers into humans, but no amount of time, money or prayer can do the trick

@Alex_Linder oh see!! It looks so good on you, look! If I ever get a pet snake, I'll name him Gustave Gruber in your honour 🐍💚

To say that black lives matter is to put a price on every nigger's head.

i'm seeing more and more weird things out there, as society breaks down. how about you? i'm talking about small signs. for a legit non-paranoid i flatter myself that i pay very close attention to the spirit and the subtleties o' the times

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