When I was a kid the bread company had a sweepstakes. You had to complete a two word sentence and then you would win the amount on stated on the ticket. So let's say "brown 10k" "sugar 10k". I got my hands on one of these and I started to get excited. This is worth 5k my little piece here. What I realized almost immediately was that the company printed many many "brown 10k" tabs and (presumably very few) "sugar 10k" tabs. I was really struck by the deep dishonesty and outright hostility


@Someguy same only it was a supermarket, jack's iga in maquette michigan, and it was a card with slots for cuts of meat that combined to form a cow. Whole cow got a shopping spree. You got a chit or two with meat on them when you bought groceries.

Same realization. Only i sensed no hostility -- i just instantly lost interest in the game because i saw how it worked

@harrison_partch I think the truth is somewhere in between. Stronger than lost interest and weaker than affronted.

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