i always hated political rallies, and now there's no point to them. simply killing the enemy is LESS dangerous than a rally and MORE effective. i defy anyone to dispute that.

@TheIronHeart Why must we use technology to bring us closer, even virtually? Why can't we have technology that insulates us from ever seeing another person?'

@Alex_Linder You could have a beach picnic and eat all the sand wich is there


you will admit, though, that insofar as people do have religious sentiments, those can be hijacked and manipulated

and that your assertion does not make you qualified to do that

even though speaking to ALL natural sentiments on our side is required now


more than that

that is weaksauce on milquetoast in the current sitch

@Alex_Linder i just checked my house on zillow

you are correct

12% rise in the "estimate" in 30 days

@Alex_Linder If it is raining, but there is an overhang underneath the cliff, they ARE naturally cavemen

@TheIronHeart Valid point but a terrible example. Fentanyl is not used to extend life.

@TheIronHeart New if your vocabulary was small before you learned it.

Has anyone ever considered that maybe Anne Frank deserved to die?
@TheIronHeart What's controversial about killing miscegenators?

got to love these largest cities muh cant keep da power on herp derp derp / city full o' perp

@Alex_Linder i attack because god tells me to. you are my comrade.

i attack (((christianity))) because i believe, after long study and thought, that is what is necessary to get White solids on the right track. we must lift and separate White Nationalism from whiteskin christian conservatism.

a few good men > a bunch of confused, ideas-dont-matter, contradictions-dont-matter, principles-dont matter xmess.

unlike most, i get no pleasure out of writing the same thing 1000x. i tap out at about 500.

@Someguy you can PRACTICE languages in conversation because you are an extravert.

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