How far apart should partners be in IQ score? Is this the same no matter the scores, or does it vary with IQ?

@Ricotta I would not expect Texhnolyze but no Lain? No Ergo Proxy?

@bascht Like the stain of sin, these can never be washed away by human toil.

@su @Alex_Linder grains lol i have never seen kefir grains

read of it tho

it is much simpler than that

@Ricotta you are a stacker? i always skip that because it takes so much time

@Alex_Linder you can't know when the world will fall either

but you can push

@opie No, that is not what the word means. although the concepts can easily be related.

@Alex_Linder @su I make kefir constantly and have never thought of it as "sour", like vinegar. I don't know if your kefir is different than mine or if you are different from me. As far as I am concerned, fruit yes but that filthy stevia no.

@Alex_Linder See, your problem is you glance at the price instead of ignoring it. Let the poors worry about price.

@C_Moose i call for mandatory vexation of all citizens and subcitizens

@mystik I don't have comorbidities. In fact I lift weights 3x a week, walk about 25 miles, do 50 pushups and situps a day, and have a physically demanding job and lifestyle. And the fake test you say doesn't work said I was positive for covid and when I stopped showing symptoms it said I was negative.

You do realize that we can be against stuff like mandatory vaccines and gay lockdowns without pretending that a mystery illness that knocks people on their ass for almost two weeks is a hoax, right?
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