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Its interesting how much of life is mathematical.

In game theory, if your society has rampant lying and cheating, the optimal strategy is to spend collective effort to indentify and mark (((those))) that cheat and work with )))those((( who don't.

Exterminating everyone with skin darker than a brown paper bag would do a lot more for "sustainability" and the environment than making everyone go vegan and banning fossil fuels and plastic.

"Saylor seems not to realize that if the Fed bans BTC when they roll out the digital dollar, institutions will sell immediately, and the price will be crushed. So, of course an investor needs to diversify their hard assets. I personally have BTC and ETH funds, and I am hedging that with long-expiration calls on GDX, because if BTC is banned then gold and the miners may well explode upward."

what i would tell a girl about sex

There's a German saying. "a hard dick has no conscience"

what do you think that means? __________________________

how much more testosterone does a man have than a woman? ___________________________________

what do you think that means?

and finally, i want you to keep this in mind, as a summary:

if you put yourself on the dessert tray, you will be eaten.

James Randi taught me that charlatanism is itself an art (magic) and you can fool everyone, even in large numbers, even for a long period of time, even educated people or men of science.

This was hugely helpful to me to check my assumptions about the world and chart a proper path

When people talk about trad life they are trying to escape jews. That's all it is

@Someguy to be crude, they're gaining your money with very little time investment, and if you breed, gaining it for 18 years. and losing money is not even the worst if you hae a child. you ask question the answers to which are in every MGTOW video. the only reason you wouldnt avail yourself of this vast body of experience is that you, in a totally typical way for most people, think you are special and somehow different.

you're not. and you will learn that lesson at great cost.

@Someguy sure. people have different personalities. i am very lucky in a way. i'm pure attacker. like in soccer, some people are natural strikers. i was not. not good enough with feet. played defense where lack of skill is comparatively less important. but with words, i'm equipped by nature to be the perfect attacker. back that up with learning and a genetic personality that lacks need to be approved by others. then you have a satirist, or an attacker as i'm calling it. i attack anti-Whites.

Something people don't get is that leftists are race realists in comparison to Christians/conservatives. All leftists ever talk about is race... because its just about the only thing that matters.

All the whining about anti Semitism is based in truth. If white people had their way, there would be no jews.

No services will be held for Shirley Sarvary, 82, of Magalia. She passed away Tuesday, April 14, 2009 in Paradise. Shirley was born August 2, 1926 in Colchester, IL.

it's amazing to watch this unfold. the dejewing of money.

the aryan bitcoin jim carrey is being birthed thru the sphincter of the jewnocerous

Reminder that there is no path to fixing America that doesn't involve killing a hundred million "people."

show me the english humor on par with arbeit macht frei.

english humor is different. it's mainly funny.

i dont think you can characterize arbeit macht frei, the type of humor it is. it's not ironic. it's not straightforward. it's kind of full. i would say god-ly. everything is in it.

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