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"Better 'shadowy supercoders' than the shadowy semites we have now."

Rhetorically correct response to Bitsy Warpath

@JimmyMarr if bitcoin is strong enough to defeat central banks, which mcafee, ron paul, numerous substantial others doubt, then it certainly has no logical reason to worry about 'shit'coins. btc backers i've seen claim the feds might have had a chance the first five years, but not now. it simply remains to wait and see who's right. in theory btc can eventually do smart contracts and the rest of what the other coins attempt, but it isnt now and they are.

jews gotta be killed off

that's all i'm saying

you going to outbribe them? they have more money than you and own the central banks
you going to outwrite them? they'll deplatform you and they own the mass media
you're going to outvote them? their software counts the votes, their courts facilitate any coverup
you're going to convert them to your religion? you mean the raceless one they created for you?

what's left?

well then that's the answer, isnt it.

i always hated political rallies, and now there's no point to them. simply killing the enemy is LESS dangerous than a rally and MORE effective. i defy anyone to dispute that.

Has anyone ever considered that maybe Anne Frank deserved to die?
@TheIronHeart What's controversial about killing miscegenators?

got to love these largest cities muh cant keep da power on herp derp derp / city full o' perp

i attack (((christianity))) because i believe, after long study and thought, that is what is necessary to get White solids on the right track. we must lift and separate White Nationalism from whiteskin christian conservatism.

a few good men > a bunch of confused, ideas-dont-matter, contradictions-dont-matter, principles-dont matter xmess.

unlike most, i get no pleasure out of writing the same thing 1000x. i tap out at about 500.

"We will hear all about how Bitcoin is 'bad for democracy,' and 'racist,' and everything else.

Bitcoin is doing away with big government, and everything big government supports. Everything pretty much is going away, and there's nothing anyone can do about any of it."

Mircea Popescu (1980 – 2021)

(((Christianity))) has implanted in whiteskin minds the bogus idea there is some kin- and steward-relation between whites and discoloreds. There isn't. The belief there is, cuz god, ties a cement block around the White neck.



There is nothing deeply wrong with whites nor can there be. There's nothing deep about people. That's my opinion. My whole life, to give one example, i've carefully watched how people use the word 'love,' and i've never seen any indication of quality control. I personally dont use that word loosely. People are exactly as shallow as they appear to be. The problems whites have are EXTERNALLY caused, not internally. They are caused by jews who also prevent their being solved - by legal means.

Be the x percent. Whatever percent of white men that can rise above the shit and actually start to pull things towards our side. We don't need many.

When I was a kid the bread company had a sweepstakes. You had to complete a two word sentence and then you would win the amount on stated on the ticket. So let's say "brown 10k" "sugar 10k". I got my hands on one of these and I started to get excited. This is worth 5k my little piece here. What I realized almost immediately was that the company printed many many "brown 10k" tabs and (presumably very few) "sugar 10k" tabs. I was really struck by the deep dishonesty and outright hostility

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