I made an error with the previous link I posted for 911 ARCHITECTS, EXPERTS & EXPLOSIONS... I'm posting the correct one now.

well theres still no 'hate speech' laws in america. they already imprison dissidents in germany and britain for hate speech.


1/5: Four Jews that have infiltrated Irish government, media and academia to push mass immigration and the genocide of the Irish people: Alan Shatter (politician), Sorcha Pollak (journalist), Laura Weinstein (academic) and Ronit Lentin (sociologist). - gab.com/system/media_attachmen

2/5: Alan Shatter is a Jewish politician. Served as Minister for Justice and Equality and Minister for Defence. Granted Irish citizenship to 69,000 foreign nationals, dropped rejection rate for African asylum applications from 47% to 3%. Introduced a chain migration scheme. - gab.com/system/media_attachmen

3/5: Sorcha Pollak is a Jewish reporter for The Irish Times, a major Irish broadsheet. Her focus is promoting mass immigration and immigrant communities. She routinely guilts and shames the Irish on these matters. Pollock wrote a book titled New to the Parish, a phrase coined to coax the Irish into accepting their replacements. - gab.com/system/media_attachmen

4/5: Laura Weinstein is a Jewish academic specializing in Irish history and politics. She’s infamous for describing the Irish as neurotic inbred dogs who need to increase their “gene flow” through mass immigration. She argues that to insist an Irish ethnicity and culture exists is white supremacy and that a homogeneous Irish identity is myth. She harasses Irish political figures on social media who oppose to mass immigration. - gab.com/system/media_attachmen

5/5: Ronit Lentin is a Jewish sociology professor at Trinity College, Ireland’s most prestigious university. As head of sociology, she poisoned curricula and students with the narrative that the concept of Irishness is white supremacist fiction and that Ireland is a naturally racist state. She supports the ethnic cleansing of the Irish having said “I propose an interrogation of how the Irish nation can become other than white.” She advocates open-door immigration policy for Ireland and opposes all deportations. - gab.com/system/media_attachmen

anyone who speaks the truth is now a terrorist according to the jews who run our government.

this is your brain on white supremacy. hur dur.

white people only 1-2% of the crime in new york. the rest is committed by non-whites.

sorry. the biggest problem in america is not white supremacy. its jewish supremacy treating everyone who disagrees with them as a terrorist.

reminder: white supremacy = white person who doesn't hate himself

the us fbi and dhs department will be arresting and persecuting 'white supremacists' and treating them as domestic terrorists.

i wonder why a white supremacist gov would arrest its own citizens.

Remember... all the Jewish murders from the times of the Bolshevik revolution, etc ... all that has been lied about and totally covered up. The holodomor... and the Jews walked away scott free out of the Soviet Union after its collapse.

Blacks deny crime, they deny farm murders ... they will deny everything ... the brutality, the torture ...

Things like 911, which those of us, who studied it since it happened and could get good info ... things like 911 will be lied about. The links of Jews to 911 will be lied about.

Blacks in Africa will deny that they were communist terrorists.

Included in this, will be the LIES the Blacks will tell, especially in Africa about the so-called Liberation wars. In the future, the blacks will DENY that they engaged in any hideous cruelty towards whites. They will deny many of their hideous actions which we who lived here know about.

The same is true for the Jews. And the Jews will also lie on behalf of the blacks, because it is critical for Jewish survival to fake Liberalism to the maximum. For them, Liberalism=Life & reality & race=DEATH

I urge all whites to save away as much information as you find on the Internet as possible. I save videos, PDFs, articles, etc. And all my friends do the same.

I do want to WARN YOU, that if you think the Jews will only lie about WW2, or about Leon Frank, or something that happened in Europe, you are WRONG.

The Jews will LIE about lots of events which have happened in RECENT TIMES and for which we have FIRM EVIDENCE.

Can anyone recommend a good book on Aryan history? I want something to read about the original aryans, or a documentary to watch. I want something with some detail. The references I'm finding are too short, and don't give enough detail. I was going through my military history books and finding short references to the Aryans. Also there is a hint that the Shang Dynasty in China was founded by peoples who came from Iran where the Aryans had come from. Was the Shang dynasty white? I don't know

About Farm murders in SA: Very nice videos you have. Nice one you made about SA and the incessant lies. Ramaphosa is a piece of shit. But yes... everyone is pretending we're just making this shit up. In fact, most of the white farmers who were killed were killed in the 1990s. I have a whole book on that - in depth studies by expert. I think about 800-900 white farmers were killed in SA between the start of black rule and about 1998 or 1999. But it still continues... about one a week is killed.

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