In fact, Hitler contemptuously called Christianity a poison and a bacillus and openly mocked its teachings. In a long diatribe ridiculing many core Christian teachings, Hitler told his colleagues that the Christian concept of heaven was insipid and undesirable. After scoffing at doctrines such as the Fall, the Virgin Birth, and redemption through the death of Jesus, Hitler stated, “Christianity is the most insane thing that a human brain in its delusion has ever brought forth, a mockery of everything divine.”

national socialism was a neo-pagan movement. get your christian identity shit away from adolf hitler.

jesus was a jew.


yes the jew paul. everyone hated him including the jews. he spread christianity from jew to gentiles or 'white europeans'.

you are denying reality, history and common sense.

The Apostle Paul wrote:

There is neither Jew nor Greek, slave nor free, male nor female, for you are all one in Christ Jesus.

— Galatians 3:28

Air Force U-28A circling the protest site right now.

U-28A collects phones and records HD footage. Do not make the mistake of bringing your phone to the area. Buy a burner with cash and burn it aftewards. Not a burner sim, but a complete burner handset with burner sim.

If blacks wanted their own countries so much in africa ... where the drum beat was "nationalism, nationalism" (which nowadays is denied to whites), then why are blacks fleeing African countries to go overseas? Here in SA, my non-white neighbours left recently to head to singapore ... in my neighbourhood at least half the houses are still white. We have very few blacks. The majority non-whites are muslims with a lot of money. The non-whites are starting to leave in much bigger numbers.

american history x reminds me why i hate niggers so much. they are stupid. violent. and kill white people for no reason.

the point of the movie is dont trust or be around niggers.

obligatory we still miss you furher and we are lost without you.

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