WHITE MALES: PLEASE TAKE NOTE: VERY IMPORTANT: Videos: EXTREMELY IMPORTANT: White Mercenaries from S.Africa smashing Bravos in Mozambique - africancrisis.info/index.php/v

how are you going to use something of which there are only 21 millions as money? people cant wrap their heads around tiny fractions and .0001s. maybe that can be overcome but some other money using dollar numbers seems likelier.

best thing about crypto? well, second best. no niggers on it!

Texas did what a lot of people are going to start doing and say welp the numbers prior to the mask mandate and after we’re the exact same. The degree of worship these mongs give Dr. Fauci is ridiculous. This fucker has been wrong on every single thing he has said. In a rational world he’d be laughed out of the room....

Women seem weak; they're actually not. Men mistake their unwillingness to deal directly with weakness. They form a team that, among itself, considers men easily manipulated idiots. Which is an accurate judgment.

i see bitcoin as this tough guy. he beats people up, that's what he does. you want he should do your taxes too? we have other guys for that. bitcoin is selling hardness. imo, it's already over now that the big boys are involved. it will go sky-higher. the interesting battles are for other blockchain functionality. the non-queer Value has been settled.

we want more masculine men

and more feminine women

What could be simpler or better than that?

imagine you could buy a jew-free internet access from some ISP. how much that worth to you?

that's the market for crypto - not even mutatis mutandis in the medium term, if valenzuela, for one, is right

I think I linked these the other day, but only read it in its entirety tonight. Excellent stuff that shows porn exactly for what is.

Oppression by Orgasm?
The Porn Industry as Jewish Anti-Fascist Activism & Cultural Terrorism, Part 1

Kenneth Vinther


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