*** History Reviewed News for: 2022-01-14 ***
===> Bhakdi/Burkhardt pathology results show 93% of people who died after being vaccinated were killed by the vaccine: historyreviewed.best/index.php
===> Video: List of US Congressmen & Women to Hang At the White House Gallows?: historyreviewed.best/index.php
===> Video: White Boy knocks out a Black who insults him…: historyreviewed.best/index.php

*** African Crisis News for: 2022-01-14 ***
===> Is the SA Government recruiting new Spies and Traitors among the Whites of South Africa?: africancrisis.info/index.php/i
===> 21st Century: The Coming BREAKUP of Black Africa: The WORST NIGHTMARES ARE COMING – When Black nations collapse…: africancrisis.info/index.php/2
===> WHITES: Remember to BOYCOTT our Anti-White enemies… WHITES: STOP KILLING YOUR OWN PEOPLE!: africancrisis.info/index.php/w

*** History Reviewed News for: 2022-01-05 ***
===> Video & Audio: TeamWhite 2021 No 6: Year End Roundup: COVID, Jews, Maxwell, China, South Africa and more…: historyreviewed.best/index.php
===> Author of Alice in Wonderland: Lewis Carroll knew about the Jews: All Jews are Greedy … No Jews are honest…: historyreviewed.best/?p=26229
===> Pics: Jews caught out lying about their WW2 Holocaust experiences…: historyreviewed.best/?p=26200

*** African Crisis News for: 2022-01-05 ***
===> Are Crocodiles & Elephants RACIST? – Zimbabwe: Crocodiles and Elephants have killed 70 Blacks: africancrisis.info/index.php/a
===> VERY IMPORTANT: Top Pathologists ay Autopsies Of Vaccinated Show Immune System Attacking Own Organs, Says – My Comments: africancrisis.info/index.php/v
===> The Best computer predictions from early 1970s: 2040s are the likeliest time for civilisation COLLAPSE: africancrisis.info/index.php/t

if you believe in jesus the jew, you have no right to whine about nigger crime - you are the reason whites have allowed these animals among us. your sicko mentality that these apes are created by your alleged but imginary 'god.'

A woman WANTS A LEADER. When she finds her LEADER, she wants to have SEX WITH HIM. This is how women work. Then she will follow her leader and he can bang her as much as he wants. But she must feel that he is worthy, and then she will be happy to be ordered around by him. Then he can dominate her and she will be happy and content and "in love" with him.

Jews boasting and admitting to what they have done. The Tsar of Russia was a Christian.

Children are not a distraction from more important work. They are the most important work. - What you said is so true. I wish every White woman on the planet would realise the critical importance of this. Forget stupid careers and other junk. Do what *ONLY* a woman can do and that is raise children. We've harmed ourselves so much by slacking on this for almost a century now and we're paying the price. This *IS* the most important work a woman can do

Dr Zelenko the (good Jew) of COVID ... is a JEW. And he even was friendly to Trump and had the contacts to reach Trump. Remember: He's a JEW ... so he talks shit too...

Jews caught out doing what Jews do best ... lying on a grand scale.

Video: Some "Jewish music" ... this is excellent. I suspect one of our German brethren created this!

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