@historyreviewed ....but their genes. Can the same be said today?

@Someguy I have a German friend, whose 72 and an avid NS. He tells me that he thinks Germans are 30 IQ points dumber than in the time of Hitler. However, the more I observe Germans, the more I think, they're still going to be among our best people. I do have faith in them. I've seen enough that I think deep down, they will be what they are. Maybe not as impressive. But definitely among the BEST of the Whites of this time. Definitely.

@historyreviewed i mean i agree but there are a lot of non germans including non german whites living in Germany. Its a bit like the usa of europe. But by far the best shot whites have i agree with this point.

@Someguy You make good points. I think though the "nation mixing" of whites INSIDE EUROPE, actually breaks open new boundaries for whites to MIX MORE. The whites will NOT be as insular & nationalistic as before, and this will build our own unity more. I have much hope for Europe. I believe in Europe. I think the mixing of White Europeans inside Europe, opens huge doors. And all of us will finally be together... with the Germans. Its going to be good for all of us.

@historyreviewed well the difficulty is that some whites are not exactly white not to mention the invaders. Greece and spain for example lived with muslims for a large part of their history. I also love Europe but the reality is that dumb spreads faster and more readily than intelligence. For every white person that marries another European and gains some connection, you have other conflicts of interest in mixed race or even semi mixed race couples and just overall dumbing down unfortunately.

@historyreviewed not to say i hate greece or spain but at some point we have to take on the world and this kind of weakness will be exploited.

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