Hi everyone, I'll be trying to post more regularly here. Its been hectic with my legal shit here in South Africa with the fucking Jews. Its been stressful. Things are not easy, but my goal is to fight back to my utmost. I'll keep you informed as the year progresses. I'm due back in court on 16th March 2021. But I'm also planning my own legal moves... :-)

@C_Moose Thanks. Re: My Court case. Make no mistake, I've been working on it. Slowly I've pulled things together and have White male attorneys helping me (Boers) and also an English guy. I've been planning and thinking hard. I'm going to take the Eustace Mullins approach. I have a bunch of ideas in mind. The critical moment is Mid March. That's my most critical thing. If I get through that, the way I plan, then my goal is big.... I'm out to drive them insane!

@C_Moose It's my intention to do things never seen before in South Africa in the court. These f*cking Jews think I'm a walkover, and they dived in, lots of them, talking their f*cking shit in the MSM and it was all published. It's my goal to give them a harder time than they ever believed possible in South Africa.

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