A BIG MISTAKE: Whites in America are making in ALL political parties is to seek to find the non-Whites who believe in the same values. I can't tell you WHAT A TOTAL WASTE OF TIME THIS IS. This is something we Whites in Africa have tried in 100 or even 1000 different forms for DECADES. You're totally wasting your time. JUST STICK TOGETHER AS WHITES, NO MATTER HOW OUTNUMBERED YOU ARE. YOU WILL DO FAR BETTER.

@historyreviewed I spoke to my next-door neighbor, 60, for the 1st time in months: huge Dumptard still enraged over his (((ouster))), and the general usurpation of the country. His new hero? CANDACE OWENS: the latest astroturf Good Nigger. When I mentioned jews & the ADL being behind all that infuriates him, I could almost SEE the iron shutter come slammin' down: "Whoa - them's Gawd's Chosen he's talkin' 'bout now..."

His solution: vote harder in '22.

Dumb. JEEEsus chained. Born slaves

@historyreviewed Show solidarity with each other. In time THEY will seek out US, because they will need us. Then we will hold a balance of power.

@AlbinoMutant Dead right. STRENGTH for our group is CRITICAL. If you are STRONG then everyone will want you as a friend. Blacks for example ONLY UNDERSTAND STRENGTH. You must be STRONG & even TOTALLY BRUTAL & CRUEL - and Blacks will be in AWE of it. Never listen to Liberals & Jews. They are misleading us. We're NOT strong enough & NOT BRUTAL & CRUEL ENOUGH. Blacks would worship us if we broke their bones & crushed them like bugs. I know what I'm talking about.


You're wrong: it's trying to cater to niggers that's the problem: Mexicans and auch are potentially worthy allies against them and the kikes, and there aren't nearly enougb based Whites to go it alone here.
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