*** History Reviewed News for: 2022-03-16 ***
===> ALL Whites think Wars are fought over right and wrong and that the world is run by LAWS:
===> Are Nuclear Bombs real? – A followup discussion…:
===> Are Nuclear Bombs real? What of Nuclear powered electricity & Nuclear Powered Sun?:
===> What happens to South Africa’s debt and that of emerging markets if Russia defaults?:


Before we can establish Aryan ethnostates, we must commit to Aryan blood and soul, that's our equivalent to the racial religion of Judaism.

Jews combine their ancestry, their blood, with the sacred, namely their God. That's why they are so tight. Whereas WNs are completely disunified because we've separated religion from race.

Aryanism is like Judaism in that it unites Aryan blood with the sacred, namely Aryan soul. Blood and soul are the yin and yang of our race.


Jan, you were talking earlier with Alex about how something is wrong with Whites since we were failing on all fronts to make progress in the face of our annihilation. It's not something wrong with our people, the problem is with WN, which neglects the soul of our folk. Soul is as important as blood when it comes to our race.

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