The incredible number of links between Nelson Mandela and the Jews. Click on the image to enlarge to read the story. Nelson Mandela, Communist Terrorist was CREATED BY JEWS!

Video & Audio: TOP SECRET: WW2’s Biggest Tank Battle they never talk about

This is a rework of one of my videos on Youtube that went viral and then like the others they killed it.

Some inconvenient history:

-made wireless communication practical
-was member of Mussolini's Fascist Grand Council.
-He said, "I reclaim the honor of being the first fascist in the field of radiotelegraphy, the first who acknowledged the utility of joining the electric rays in a bundle, as Mussolini was the first in the political field who acknowledged the necessity of merging all the healthy energies of the country into a bundle, for the growing greatness of Italy."

I've got a *LOT* more coming about the South African Jews and their greatest backstab of the White South Africans - when they really set out to KILL the Whites. In this little video we discover some recent, high level secret testimony of how the "Good Jews" of South Africa in the 1980s were massively assisting Communists like Galloway to screw the Whites... There's much more shocking stuff coming in the weeks and months ahead. Whites of SA got some good classic Jewish BACKSTABS like the Germans!

Coming up.... Video & Audio: South African Jews worked secretly to destroy White rule...

Why do White people care about other Races who don't care about them? - Ponder this please: - and stop assisting the weak and the worthless and the garbage. Focus on our race. That's ALL that matters.

@Blair19_49 Hi Eric, very excellent feedback indeed from you. When I was young I read a biography about Howard Hughs. But it was so very weird ... and I couldn't understand it. But I see that Hughes was "very anti-semitic" ... well that explains everything why all those weird stories came out about him. Very weird shit! So he and Walt Disney and Zanuck were fighting the Jews in Hollywood! Wow, what a story! Jews no doubt realised the chance to LIE to all Americans and propagandise them!

@historyreviewed ...a little about Disney's struggle against the JEWS to retain control of his studio can be examined at this page: user1252122.sites.myregistered

I have a big surprise for all of you... I hope you find it interesting ... and see if it is possible to get more data on this. A brand new video coming up in the next few minutes... with something that I think will SHOCK YOU!!!

@Blair19_49 Thank you so much for these finds because I took a lot of heat from other people who say Disney was a bad guy. But it's clear he's racial.

@Blair19_49 Thank you so much for this. Much appreciated. I've been looking for more info on Disney. He seemed to be a racial man, despite his other issues. Thanks a ton.

@historyreviewed ...this page also reveals Disney's struggle with the JEWS and a history lesson on the founding of Hollywood: user1252122.sites.myregistered

I'm going to send a link to something about Walt Disney and the Jews that I did. It's a topic we'll return to later. In my latest R&D it seems to me the Jews are trying their damndest to hide the fact that Walt Disney hated Jews. They've been massively rewriting the wikipedia page. This embarrasses them hugely. So spread Walt Disney and Jew stuff as much as you can. I have something special in this regard. We'll revisit it.


We are one race fighting for Aryan blood and soul above all else.

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