i keep going back to this point in my mind because it's not talked about

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ATTENTION WHITES: GREAT NEWS: South African Parliament Hate Speech mailbox was FILLED!!!

I HAVE GREAT NEWS: The South African Parliament's email address was flooded with emails today and the emails were bouncing! This is the hate speech stuff. Personally, I think the Christians came out in force. I will explain why later. But this is awesome news. I never expected this.

Today was the final submission.

But you can resubmit if you email bounced. I will explain more and will talk to my attorney!

I have great news about people submitting to the South African parliament about hate speech

13. Like all Laws forbidding things, once it exists, the Government can, and will expand on it any time in the future.

14. This is the end of what little is left of Free and Truthful Speech in South Africa.


11. Like the Equality Act which already exists and has been abused, Whites will be the overwhelming majority of people charged with Hate Crimes.

12. The Equality Act has already been abused. This Bill is open to much wider and much more far ranging abuse. It will open the floodgates and will fill the courts which are already overloaded.

10. The Victim Impact Statement is a bizarre aspect of this Bill which is based on subjective claims that are unprovable, yet these will have a MASSIVE IMPACT on the actual punishment that is given out. So if the victim claims to have been massively harmed, mentally, then your jail time will be increased accordingly.

9. There is a serious problem between what is written on paper in the law versus the actual execution of it by the courts where "discretion" is determined by the court staff. e.g. Clerks of the Court. The court processes itself will work against Whites. So a Black person wanting to charge a White with Hate Speech will find the Clerks of the Court keen to assist. But if a White person wants to charge a Black person, you may find the court blocking your attempts.

8. The Bill FAVOURS sexual deviants and lays the ground for sexual deviancy to be the norm, or even to have a protected status compared to normal heterosexuals.

6. THEREFORE a White can be charged with a crime (e.g. Racial Insult: K-Word) and a Black man can be charged with a crime (e.g. Racial Insult: Dirty Boer, etc), yet only the White man will be JAILED and the Black man will be let off the hook. Thus different outcomes for the same "crime" based on RACE.

7. The Racial/Cultural background aspect of this Bill should be totally removed. That rigs it against Whites, while totally favouring Blacks.

5. It DISCRIMINATES BY RACE AGAINST WHITES! The Hate Speech Bill is RIGGED to punish a person by RACE, or to let a person off the hook BY RACE. e.g. The Court will take into account the RACIAL STATUS of the charged person by looking at the RACIAL HISTORY OF SUPERIORITY OR INFERIORITY OF THE PERSON. In other words, the Law will come down like a sledgehammer on WHITES while letting Blacks off the hook.

3. Journalists and Attorneys have pointed out that this Bill will take petty insults and turn them into jailable crimes, where a first time offender could do 3 years jail time.

4. The Bill will impact the Freedom of Religion, including Christianity. Certain things in the Bible, if promoted, will be regarded as Hate Speech. There are MANY possible examples, but one will suffice. Suppose you say that Gays will go to Hell. That could be hate speech.

1. The Bill violates the South African constitution - Many Attorneys and even Legal Professors have made this point clear.

2. The Freedom of Religion Foundation, the Institute for Race Relations, Afriforum and even the Helen Suzman Foundation are all against this Bill. There are probably many more organisations that are also against this bill, but those are the major ones.

Hi everyone, diving in quickly. Been hectic. My biggest concern is the proposed Hate Speech law.

We Whites in Africa were never cruel and brutal, and that was a huge mistake. If we behaved like the Romans for example, we would win easily in Africa. For example, if we were brutal and were smashed and crushed Blacks ruthlessly, and they experienced FEAR, they would come to us with GIFTS ... they would give us money, cattle ... in fact ANYTHING WE WANTED. They would come in AWE and would give us BIG GIFTS. But we would only get this, if we were RUTHLESS, BRUTAL & STRONG & TOTALLY UNBENDING.

If you look at Black Chiefs in Africa in past times, the more powerful and brutal they were, the more they were RESPECTED. Brutality, RAW POWER and even cruelty... is the only thing that Blacks actually grasp.

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